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Why wont my iphone turn on

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3
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    Start with the iPhone troubleshooting assistant. If that doesn't sort you out come back with some more details such as when it last worked, what you were doing when it stopped working and what steps you've already tried.



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    Make sure the iPhone battery is charged to 100%







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    My iphone 3gs was sitting on my table after i had just texted, when i checked it a few minutes later, it was off.....was charged at 100% an hour earlier and has been on charger all morning..nothing!!!

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    Again, start with the troubleshooter. The posts that begin "I've tried everything" tell those of us who might try to help absolutely nothing about what steps you've already taken to try resolve things. "It doesn't work" tells us nothing of the symptoms.



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    i was txting someone and the same thing happened and all you have to do is hold the sleep top button and the home button at the same time until you see progress. this should most likely fix the problem

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    what do u do if your home button is not working

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    All, the best option came from a similar problem (post I made as well) with my iPhone 4S.  @wjosten gets the credit and the solution is hold "both" the power and home button in until the iPhone restarts.  That's it, all you then may want to do is kill some of the applications you have running by pressing the icons until they go 'wiggly', double press the home button and select the subtract icons from the running applications.


    This sorted me completely and I also recommend being suspect of the last APP you downloaded.  I've found this can happen from time to time.

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    thank you soooooo much. i thought i had tried everything but obviously not. was about to throw my phone out the window! xx

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    Haha! it's no joke when you're going mad and want to chcuck it out of the window!!


    - - - - IF ALL ELSE FAILS - - - -  (and I mean nothing has worked...)


    - Plug in mains charger.


    - Wait for Apple logo (as long as it takes - a minute or an hour)


      - then it will bleep  (ditto  "    ")


       - then it will start itself up     (ditto again)


        - You may get your home screen or it may say "activate"


         - Go through options and you're back up.


    If it goes down again. Do above (as I have) and do full reset.I wiped everything off on the basis my iPhone was corrupted / had bug whatever. THIS WORKED FOR  ME.


    Good luck and keep calm It will be OK and you will love your phone again once more!