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I made a form in Numbers and added a sheet for page two.  Then I decided that page two needed to be a different form altogether because I have to somehow barcode the pages (not figured that out yet, either).  Is there a way to separate the two sheets?  Or delete page two?

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    To delete the sheet tap the sheet you want to delete to select it. Once selected, tap it once quickly and you should get a menu to pop up which lets you either duplicate or delete the sheet. Hope this helps.




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    Thanks, Eduardo,

    I actually played with it until I discovered that tidbit, lol.  I also was able to make a barcode in a paint program and save it as a jpeg and add it that way.

    Thanks again for your reply,


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    Thanks a lot for the nice hint. It helped me too.

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    I used the iWork barcode font tool to create barcode in Numbers.

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    I have a MacBook Pro purchased October 2013, converting from Microsoft. I've been driven crazy trying to delete a spreadsheet in Numbers, from the on-screen spreadsheet list. In the end it is (of course!) easy. Just highlight the relevant spreadsheet and drag the effing thing to the Trash bin! Bingo! P.S. This works for Pages documents too...

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    I have this problem as well. When you buy an iPad Air you get a version of Numbers that might be different than the ones being discussed here.  Anyway, I can't figure out how to delete a spreadsheet in my version of Numbers.  None of the suggestions here work, at least not obviously. Eduardo -- When I open the sheet I want to delete (is that what you mean by 'select'?) and tap on it I do get a menu and delete is one of those options but when I tap it all that is deleted is the cell immediately under the tap. I can also delete rows and columns by tapping them and choosing the right option, but not the entire sheet. Similarly, Tapajo5, there is no trash icon on the Numbers page in my version, so I have nowhere obvious to drag the sheet to.  Not that I seem to be able to drag these sheets anyway.  When I try to give a prolonged press the way you do when you want to delete an app nothing happens.  Yet it seems impossible that even a beta would be released with no delete option. 


    Still, it's not physically impossible...

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    To delete a spreadsheet from Numbers on iPad Air:

    1) Go to the main spreadsheets menu in Numbers

    2) Press Edit

    3) Press the spreadsheet to be deleted

    4) Press the Trash Can

    5) Press the words Delete Spreadsheet in the drop down balloon. (Looks like a help balloon)

    Apple support apparently gets this question all the time!