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Is it possible to connect two MacBook Pros to one another just with the Thunderbolt port?

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    To achieve what?

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    To transfer data of course

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    Yes, apparently you can:




    However, it's been reported that Migration Assistant doesn't yet support such connections, so your transfers would have to be done manually. And of course both machines must have Thunderbolt ports.



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    Thanks! TDM is then not just for booting but also for manually transferring files.


    All I needed to know.

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    I am very interested in this thread.


    For professional film scoring, we use to have a systme with a main computer with a DAW (e.g. Logic, etc) and several slave computers. Each one with big sound libraries, and all linked thorough the ViennaEnsemblePro (http://www.vsl.co.at/en/211/497/1685/1990/1998/1687.htm)


    All these systems work through Ethernet.


    Until a few months, we used mixed systems Ethernet<->Thunderbolt (being some of the slaves new MacBook Retina). It worked great with Apple adapter.


    However, I just received the new iMac27'-i7-32Gb and would like to use it as my main linked Thunderbolt<->Thunderbolt, but (as it happens with Migartion Assistant) it doesn't work.


    To summ up, new Mac have not Ethernet, since Thunderbolt should replace Ethernet smoothly. But it seems is not that simple. Not yet, "plug and play".


    So, please any news or workarounds would be really appreciate.

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    Bad news....


    IP over thunderbolt is not implemented in the OS so it is not currently possible to just hook these together and get it to work.!!!


    Apple just ignored customer that use ethernet to connect MAcs. They replaced Ethernet by Thunderbolt and forget to implement IP in Thunderbolt. ...Incredible!


    Hopefully in the future this will work.  But until we see something in system network preferences that allows us to enable IP over thunderbolt, we are out of luck.

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    Yes, using each of the computer's thunderbolt ports, you can connect the two with a thunderbolt cable.

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    Yes you can, but one of the computers will need to be in what is called target disk mode(mentioned above as TDM). If the target computer is shut off, just hold T as you boot with the two computers connected. If the target computer is on, connect the computers, open system preferences, click Startup Disk, and then click on Target Disk Mode. When the computer has booted into target disk mode, a disk icon will appear on the desktop of the other computer. Transfer the files you want, and then eject the disk and shut off the target computer by pressing the power button.