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mikewv Level 1 Level 1

Iphone4 mic doesn't work during calls, but will record voice messages!  Bluetooth and speakerphone are ineffective as well.  I did a full restore and it worked for an hour or so and then nothing.  Anyone had this happen?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
  • markfromgriffin Level 1 Level 1

    Same Problem. Any ideas?

  • philipfromgarland Level 1 Level 1

    My daughters has the same problem it just started tonight the only thing she did was down load The Weather Channel app

  • mikewv Level 1 Level 1

    Mark and Phil:


    My problem ended up being a software glitch.  It was to the point that I had to deconstruct the entire phone by full delete and start up as a new phone.  Even thereafter it wouldn't work properly.  Apple Tech Support said that it was purely software.... I knew this b/c I could still record voice memos.


    Anyway, you'll probably need to take it to an Apple Store or call for replacement.  Just another reason why Apple Care is the best $$$ you can spend!


    New replacement iPhone4 and all good now!  Hope this helps.

  • tuckery Level 1 Level 1

    Uhh, so I'm a little confused.


    If it's a software problem, (which apple was convinced of, and seems most likely the case to me seeing as like you, my other apps are able to utilize the microphone), the delete all/reset and restore should have fixed the problem.


    Is this True?  You mentioned you got a replacement.  If it was a software issue, why get a replacement?  Did apple mention what they did to fix it?


    I'm not under warrenty, thus nothing from apple will come free.  I'm getting pretty ****** off that I can't find a software (free) solution to this problem.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    Try a reset.

    Press and hold Home and Power until you see the Apple logo (ignore the red Power off slider).

    Nothing will be erased from your iPhone.

  • DiegoMF Level 1 Level 1



    I was facing a similar problem during calls only. The mic was dead and I could only hear but to to be heared. Speaker mode and external mic (BT headset and original earphones with mic) were working perfectly.

    Tried reset but didnt fixed the problem. Reading another forum discussion I heard a guy sayng that fixed the problem with a blast of compressed air. Sounded weird initially, as the mic was aparently clean, but wouldnt hurt to try it.

    So I tried cleaning the mic with compressed air and a soft brush and, voila, the mic is back!!

    There were no dust, moist or any dirt particle visible in the mic, but aparently, as the device is very sensible, minimal particles can affect the functionality of it.

    Dont know if the problem is the same for all users, but in my case it worked perfectly and the solution was simplier than imagined.


  • tuckery Level 1 Level 1

    @DiegoMF - no this is not the problem.


    As described above -- the speakerphone and earphones are ineffective as well during calls, but they all work perfectly fine with other apps like Skype, or Voice Memos.


    It's only during calls -- it seems like something wacky is happening with software, or the Apple has a serious glitch in it's hardware (logic board?).


    Thanks for trying to help though.

  • tuckery Level 1 Level 1

    @ChrisCA -- Nope - tried this -- doesn't help any.

    Only thing I haven't tried is a complete reset/restore.


    I'll do that later this week... but from what I've heard - this doesn't solve much.

  • tuckery Level 1 Level 1

    I wound up having to pay the 160 to have it swapped, which ****** me off cuz I was waiting for iphone5.  

    There should def be a recall for stuff like this.   They told me that the analog to digital processor was broken.   How does one break a "component" on the logic board?  I haven't dropped it in the toilet bowl or anything.   They opened it up.  Everything looked good!  Just some random broken component.   And I've seen this problem everywhere.   Pretty crappy. 


    As for the company and it's policies.  I feel you get what you pay for.  Apple has always been the standard for phone and tablet.  They really are a fair amount faster and nicer design/ build quality than what I've seen so far -- but honestly is this worth $800 purchase cost (ASD/CDN) + 200 for a swap (for the same iPhone 4)????



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    I got 3 new SIM cards after the random replacement of one; fixed the mic not working for voice only but cut out shortly after the SIM replacement. 


    My iphone 4S mic worked to record voice memos but not for voice!  Many reps at ATT said the mic was bad but it turns out the compressed air mentioned above actually fixed my iPhone! 


    I used the compressed air, as stated here, to blast into the mic hole...and now it works again!  No charge!!  Ossum.

  • autumnsfall Level 1 Level 1

    Apple said my phone was working. They updated software. That did not solve the problem They blamed the problem on  AT&T service. That made sense because the problem is intermittent. It will work on a call for a bit and then quit. It doesn't matter if I'm in the boonies or in front of a tower. Maybe traffic is too great. I'll try the reset and compressed air. My contract is up and I'm thinking of going with Verizon.