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paulpen Level 1 (30 points)

WHAT's with the icki-fied new interface for these discussions? For example:


--The big blue button that says "How it works".


--pop-up windows on mouseovers. Really annoying.


--the "Start a discussion" link to the right. That's creepy. 


--I can no longer find my previous questions.


--the whole Add or Edit my Products method.


--the "Edit Discussion" link under "Actions" which i just managed to find... W-T-f?  I didn't want to "edit the discussion"... I wanted to edit *this post*.


--asterisks no longer convert to *bold*; etc.


All of this is annoying and re-tard-ed, which is very un-like Apple. Since when do Apple cater to the least common denominator?  These Discussions have gone from highly functional and intuitive to icky and cumbersome. Are Apple trying to phase them out..? 


Importantly, are they backed up (i.e. mirrored) anywhere?


If there's some other place to post this criticism/complaint/suggestion, sorry, but i couldn't find it. Thanks,


Paul P.

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