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WHAT's with the icki-fied new interface for these discussions? For example:


--The big blue button that says "How it works".


--pop-up windows on mouseovers. Really annoying.


--the "Start a discussion" link to the right. That's creepy. 


--I can no longer find my previous questions.


--the whole Add or Edit my Products method.


--the "Edit Discussion" link under "Actions" which i just managed to find... W-T-f?  I didn't want to "edit the discussion"... I wanted to edit *this post*.


--asterisks no longer convert to *bold*; etc.


All of this is annoying and re-tard-ed, which is very un-like Apple. Since when do Apple cater to the least common denominator?  These Discussions have gone from highly functional and intuitive to icky and cumbersome. Are Apple trying to phase them out..? 


Importantly, are they backed up (i.e. mirrored) anywhere?


If there's some other place to post this criticism/complaint/suggestion, sorry, but i couldn't find it. Thanks,


Paul P.

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    When viewing a community, by default it shows up in "Overview" tab. If you click on the "Discussions" tab, it will hide the "how it works." at that point if you click on "set as default" tab, next time you go to that "Discussions" it will default to the "Discussion" tab so you don't have to see the "how it works" every time you enter a community.


    While * no longer converts to bold. control b will turn your text to bold. Another options is you can view the message as HTML. At witch point you can use tags  like <b> and </b> to tag text as bold. I know it's not the same thing as *, but these are the options i've found so far.


    I haven't found an easy to way to get a list of threads i've posted to. I can google myself. that works, but I don't get  a list of new posts. The closest solution i've found is to subscribe to the RSS feed for every thread I post in. I'm using NetNewWire Pro as my default RSS read.

    One benefit is I don't have to scan pages of posts to find the threads with responses.


    Apple has a feedback page, but there is no option on the feedback page to give feedback about Apple Discussions.

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    Apple has a feedback page, but there is no option on the feedback page to give feedback about Apple Discussions.


    Hiya TT. There's a couple of options for Feedback about the website.


    This one seems to be for any sort of website experience issues:




    This one is more tightly focussed on Support. The "Topic Areas" menu includes "Discussions" which I figure is what we still use for feedback about ASC:



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    Hi Paul P.!


    ...some other place to post this criticism/complaint/suggestion,..

    This is the place!

    My understanding is that this Forum Using Apple Support Communities has replaced Feedback About Discussions.


    ali b

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    oh snap I just learned some thing new!

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    Glad to help. (Everyone pretty much has to be told where they are at least once ... not common to find them on your own, I think.) Links to them are stashed in a box to the bottom right of the "Contact" pages:




    (I'm not sure precisely which "Search" the "Search feedback" is for, but I think it's most likely to be the overall website one rather than the Discussions/ASC one. I think the link to a QuickTime Feedback form is in there by historical accident ... it's been there as long as I can remember.)