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Hi gang,


I have a strange Faces problem.  On some of my pics, I have identified all of the faces in the photo.  Despite this, the info bar states that there are still unnamed Faces.  The number of unnamed Faces is always the same as the number of visible Faces.  So for example, if there are four people in the photo, I will assign a name to them all, their names will show up in the Faces section of the info bar, but the bar will still list "+ 4 unnamed".


Any ideas about who might be going on here?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I have the same problem. There is some very strange corruption going on here. After creating the Smart Album with Faces = unnamed, a few were found and the face boxes deleted. However selecting all my photos (I exported a small event with 367 photos to a new iphoto library) and getting info, it says I also now have the faces I have added before PLUS 110 unnamed. Going to any photo with this issue does not show any such unnamed selection boxes! If I add a box and try to delete that single box, iPhoto deletes ALL the faces associated with that photo. Then it grays out Add a face..!