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Hi Everyone,



I bought a Macbook Pro a few months ago and am having trouble with my iphoto.


          1. I can't see or find the iphoto library photo in finder so that I may access my photos without actually opening iphoto


          2. on my old macbook i could drag a photo from my iphoto library to the desktop and that would simply create a copy. If I do this with my new mac it transfers the photo out of iphoto to my desktop.



Any suggestions on how i can fix these 2 things, particularly the first one?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    If you want to copy, not move, hold the "alt" key when you drag and drop.


    As for your library, it should be in the "pictures" folder. If it isn't, use spotlight and search for iPhoto. If no joy, search for a photo name that you know..... if you find one, click it and it will give you the location where it is (as a path)

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    Thank you very much salty777


    I was able to find the path and the iphoto library icon in "pictures". This allows me simply to open iphoto when i select it. What i'm wondering is why i cant look at the images by image numbers in finder like i could on my old ibook so that way i can attach a picture to an e-mail that is stored in i photo. right now i can't seem to find a way to do this.


    thank you again for your help

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    I'm not really sure what you mean..... I haven't updated iPhoto for a while, and things may have changed (if so other's help will be needed!).... but, it used to be that they were stored by date. You would have to open a file within the iPhoto Library called "originals" and then sort through the years, months etc to find your photo. They are there somewhere!!


    You might get better quality help at the iWork forum.....

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    Ok the problem then is that i can't find the "originals" folder that contains the image files no matter where I look. If i click on iphoto library it simply open iphoto rather than extending into another window to allow access to the originals folder. because of this when i want send a photo as an attachment on something like g-mail i can because i have no way of finding and accessing the lone image file.


    I appreciate your attempt at assistance though!

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    Look in Preferences but iPhoto will normally be




    There there is a "package" which is actually a huge hidden folder if you will, with all the pieces.


    Get Info on the file or files that are now bundled into packages, and you can look inside to find everything.


    Also reason I posted the links to support page and forum.

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    Thank you!

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    Yeah ... old thread but here's an answer for those google hits.


    OSX 10.8.2 / iPhoto 9.4.2


    Open terminal

    cd ~/Pictures

    ln -s iPhoto\ Library.photolibrary/Masters


    You now have a folder in Pictures called Masters that you can actually do something with in finder. This way you can upload to facebook, attach to email, open in gimp, whatever.


    Otherwise you can only use iPhoto to do essentially nothing with your photos but look at them.