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I want to transfer file between my iPhone and other computers via bluetooth just like I am able to transfer files between my dumb button phone and my Mac.  I saw several threads saying this is not possible (insert any rant against Apple's idiotic paranoia here).   What I did not see mentioned in the threads is that there are plenty of apps that do this but only between iDevices (from app to the same app of course).  Not between apps and computers.


My question is of course, is then BT file trasfer possible or not? 


(It's not just curiosity.  It has been a constant annoyance having to tranfer pictures from my iPhone to other people's computers via cable or email)


Thanks in advance.

macbook pro 2007, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPhone 3GS and 4, iOS4.3
  • rnawky Level 1 (20 points)

    Can't be done. I highly recomend you look into BlackBerry devices for your next phone as they have this feature you're looking for.

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    unixnerd09 wrote:


    ...My question is of course, is then BT file trasfer possible or not? 


    No.  The only Bluetooth Profiles supported on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are shown here,  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3647

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    Thank you, I already have a dumb Nokia button phone that does that

    Unfortunately, BB doesn't have anything else that the iPhone has.

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    It has better email messaging support (you can flag emails, view email priority, etc) and they have a much better notification system. For example, you can't change the email tone on your iPhone and the SMS notifications are very, very limited. Yes, there are very many things the BlackBerry can do that the iPhone can't do. There are also things the iPhone can do that the BlackBerry can't do (like have all the information taken off of it by police) but I guess it just depends what you need.

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    Thank you. That certainly explains the mystery of BT transfer apps despite no BT transfer in general, which was exactly my question. (The page never came up in my searches).

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    Well, if they sort out the QNX then count me in (seriously).  IThe current BB is one generation behind iPhone and Android.

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    hey all are making fool to you, tere is an aplication naming ibluenova2.1 which can solve your problem of bluetooth file transfer,  have used t and its really working, they are too many developers of apple software and every software is available for apple ,, you can"t even imagine.


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    Thanks, I looked it up andit has bad reviews. Just like the Apple-approved one in the iOS store.  But thanks for pointing it out to me, I will make a bookmark.


    (The answers were honest, since it was about non jailbroken. Also, I did not ask about jailbroken.  I had 4.2 jailbroken by greenpoison but the Finder kept crashing so I restored it)

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    This lack of Bluetooth file transfer really annoyed me too.  My work around has been to just get a DropBox (free) account.  You can add files to your DB folder right on the phone and the drop right into your DB folder on your computer.  It's pretty quick too.  Only "problem" is your computer needs to be on the net.  But it's great because DropBox actually backs up whatever you put in there for 30 days or soemthing too.  So if you delete something, you can restore it for a period of time.  I use it for pretty much everything important these days.


    Here's my DropBox referral link:  http://db.tt/mq9rA5D


    If you use that link, we both get a 250mb free space bonus.  You get 2gb free space, and a 250mb bonus for everyone you refer.  Mine is up to 8gb now, and pretty handy!  The iPhone app is free too.


    Check it out.

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    This is actually acting as a protection from piracy. I think this is fairly just. Works great when using a BT headset tho. /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/181/18119264-1.gif

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    Bluetooth is slow and ineffective anyway. iTunes match & data/wifi work much faster & present less battery drain when transferring files. You also have the home sharing option as well for your media content. Trying to use bluetooth transfer when you have wifi is like using dial up instead of t3

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    Actually, I use my device at college. So, as part of our coursework, me and my teammates may need to share information on the fly between our devices. Unfortunately, this guy I got teamed up with use an android phone and hence we are unable to transfer anything amoung ourselves on the go. We haven't been able to figure out how to transfer amoung our devices thru wifi, yet.

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    Google drive, dropbox, and various other services can cover that problem. Yes... There is an app for that