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I just shattered the screen on my iPhone 4 (AT&T model).


I have a second iPhone 4 (also an AT&T model ... a friend switched carriers and got an Android. I have their now unused iPhone 4).


I want to know if I can swap my SIM card out from my iPhone 4 into their iPhone 4.


I think, in theory, that I should be able to do this, and if I restore their iPhone with my iTunes, that it should sync, and recognize it as if it were my same phone.


HOWEVER ... I had a problem with some features when I went from my iPhone 3Gs to my iPhone 4 when I upgraded: saying this device has a different serial number or UDID or something like that ... I think the problem was with my MobileMe account, but I'm not sure.


So I just want a qualified confirmation from someone who actually knows whether or not what I have proposed should work as I expect it to -- that with my SIM card, iTunes and my carrier will just recognize the new phone as if it were my old one -- or whether I'm way off-base in my understanding of how this should work.


Thank you for any assistance.

Solved by BexieWings on Apr 26, 2011 7:54 PM Solved
Because the iPhones are both locked to AT & T you would not even need to restore the iPhone just insert the new SIM card in and restart. It will work fine. If you want all your data from the smashed iPhone just back it up in iTunes and restore the other phone from that backup, but this is not necessary to just make your SIM work in the other iPhone.
Reply by roaminggnome on Apr 26, 2011 7:45 PM Helpful
Yes, you can.

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