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I was using my MacBook Pro 15" unibody (the older style where the user can change the battery themselves). It was on a lap desk.  I set it on the floor to go do something quickly and when I returned I saw dog urine on the keyboard and track pad.  Of course the computer was on at the time.  I turned it off. Cleaned it off with iKleen and a microfiber cloth. 


When I restarted it the computer seemed to boot OK and the trackpad works but the keyboard does not work at all.  I can use a USB keyboard, but not the laptop keyboard.  Since I travel every two weeks for my job, the separate keyboard thing will not be a good long term solution.  Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to fix this?  How about cost?  There are two "Mac Stores" in the largest city in the State (600 miles away - no road) but neither one is an official Apple Store.  I think the closest one of those is in Washington State.


Any ideas?