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I was using my MacBook Pro 15" unibody (the older style where the user can change the battery themselves). It was on a lap desk.  I set it on the floor to go do something quickly and when I returned I saw dog urine on the keyboard and track pad.  Of course the computer was on at the time.  I turned it off. Cleaned it off with iKleen and a microfiber cloth. 


When I restarted it the computer seemed to boot OK and the trackpad works but the keyboard does not work at all.  I can use a USB keyboard, but not the laptop keyboard.  Since I travel every two weeks for my job, the separate keyboard thing will not be a good long term solution.  Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to fix this?  How about cost?  There are two "Mac Stores" in the largest city in the State (600 miles away - no road) but neither one is an official Apple Store.  I think the closest one of those is in Washington State.


Any ideas?


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    You may need a new dog Kathy.

  • Mac Medic (be@MacOSG.com) Level 6 (17,290 points)

    Leave it off for a long time to let it get good and dry. You might even want to use a hair drier to blow WARM air in it via the keyboard.


    As far as a new keyboard, check with iFixIt.com. You can order one from them and change it yourself. It's not that hard. BUT, it may not be the keyboard if pee hit the logic board and shorted something out that feeds power to the keyboard.








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    Kathy, I think what you have there is a newly "christened" desktop computer. The repair, if you decide to proceed with one and are willing to wait for it to be carried out somewhere very far away, is likely to cost more than it would be sensible to spend on that machine, even though it would probably have met your needs for two or three more years if the dog hadn't whizzed on it. If you can possibly swing the cost of a new machine, I think you should just relegate the old one to desktop duty (or give it to someone else who can use it that way, if it wouldn't be useful to you) and order a new MBP or MBA for delivery ASAP so you can get on with your work.

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    Urine is quite conductive, and hygroscopic.It will never dry completely, and the short that has rendered the keyboard inoperable is probably permanent without affected parts replacement.


    I tend to agree with Eww's final analysis.

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    If the computer is not cleaned thoroughly, it will have a distinctive odor.


    3M has a liquid product, and I wish I could think of the name, that is non-poisonous, non-conductive, and non-wetting.  The original tagline was "It doesn't do anything to anything", and the TVC showed people drinking it, fish swimming in it, and matches being soaked in it.  Perhaps an email to 3M will help.

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    KB upgraded to SQWERTY

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    My curiosity got the better of me, and I located the name of the product: Fluorinert.

    Hope that helps.