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The battery in my iPhone has started running down pretty rapidly in the last few days.  It could be the battery itself, of course, but I am wondering whether there is an app running in the background that is consuming a lot of battery power.  Could this be the case?  I know how to press the Home button twice to see the apps that are in the background.  But is there a way to find out which of the apps might be consuming a lot of battery power?  Thx

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    i have the same problem since some weeks. Even when I switch off the cellular data and don't use it actively the batterie runs down 10 percent each hour.

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    Hi,is your iphone jailbroken?!

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    Two things to suspect, if you've verified everything is closed from the multi-tasking bar, are a stuck mail app and poor 3G connectivity(if 3G is turned on in settings). Regarding your mail app, do this: Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Select your Account/Accounts>Mail>Switch it Off. Then, reset your phone: Press the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time, keep pressing until you see the Apple logo, then release(ignore the slide to power off). Once done, go back into settings & turn mail back on. See, if after doing this, there is any change in battery life.

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    No, it's not jailbroken and it is a 3GS

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    I did and will monitor it in the next hours.

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    I too have this exact problem - and I think it was occuring before I updated to 4.2.3.  Today I started with 100% power. It has been on charge via USB all day, but in the hour it took to get home, it reduced to 10%.


    Add to this, a lot of my apps are crashing - just shutting down half way through.


    - Facebook - just shuts down

    - SMS message - variably shuts down half way through messages.

    - Email - one of my accounts works, the other (work) stopped working on the 21/4.  When I go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars> and select the account, it just hangs, before shutting down back to the main screen after a couple of minutes. 


    In essence, my Iphone is completely screwed at this point in time. 


    I have done what was suggested about (Sleep + Home buttons) but no difference to the Email function (I can't disable it - it wont get in that far).


    BTW - it's a 3GS, and not Jailbroken.

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    Now I tested it for 2,5 hours and it lost 25% of battery so unfortunately the problem remained.

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    I just used my last resort..... backing up and restoring phone to factory settings, then reapplying backup.....


    Did SFA.

    Apple Genius, here I come.

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    Location services, especially satnav, run the battery down quickly.  Of course, your phone could be nearly two years old now - the batteries don't last forever.  Apple says your battery should still have 80% charge after 400 recharge cycles, yours could easily be on 700 cycles.





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    Now I switched off nearly everything (cellular data, WiFi, location, notification) and that "solved" the problem. It just runs down 1 or 2 percent of battery every hour. I'll check what of these services drains the most power.

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    My problem seemed to be a problem with an Exchange mail profile (well, ONE of my problems). I had to reset the to fix it.   I wasn't completely happy with the Apple Genius' explanation ("it's your Exchange Server keeping the door open" !!!!!) nor her resolution ("you'll have to reset the phone" - seems very "microsoft like" - "reinstall your operating system"), but in the end, it has resolved the battery life problem and I can use my Exchange account again.


    So, you might have to back up your music/apps/photos etc, and then reset your phone (don't restore the backup tho - I initially did that, and all I did was bring the problem back).  Reset it as a "new phone" in Itunes.

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    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.  The one that seemed most pertinent to my situation was to turn off ENABLE 3G and turn off CELLULAR DATA.   Both are in the Settings > Network menu.  I then powered down the phone, left it off for a while, then powered it back on.  That seems to have done the trick for me.  The battery is now draining at a more normal rate.  Thanks again!