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I updated my ipod touch on someone elses computer..

But when i wanted to sync my ipod into my iTunes, it told me that i would have to update it..

and soo I did but when I was almost done, it stoped downloading and told me that I would have to manually update my iTunes..


I need to upgrade it to 10.2.2

(my current iTunes is version ...I dont regulary update >x<)

iPod touch, iOS 4
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    Hi, and welcome to Apple discussion.


    Well, you can go to Apple.com/iTunes and manually download it from there.






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  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10

    Do you by chance have a Mac with OSX 10.4.11?  You need at least OSX 10.5.8 which is a paid upgrade.  If you have an Intel Mac you can just buy the $29 10.6 upgrade disk since it does a full install.  If you need 10.5.8 since you have a Power PC Mac, you can get it on eBay Craig's list, Amazon or from Apple.  It is $129 from Apple and you have to order by phone from Apple since it does not appear in the on-line Store.

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    on iTunes click on the more/help tab there should be a button that says update iTunes try it but make shure that your iTouch isnt connected to your computer

  • maglax Level 1 Level 1

    And if you have this horrible new version of iTunes to bring down the menu bar where help is you click the icon in the upper left cornor and click show menu bar.