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    I tried the 3 steps as listed and it worked. Thanks, I was getting pretty fustrated with having to tap the home key many times or having to reset the phone completely to open/close apps etc..

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    Everyone, this works.  I was about to open up my phone and try to clear anything out, check the connections, what have you... I tried reboot, and restore.  Didn't help.  Putting a drop of rubbing alcolhol really did the works.  I let it sit for 30 secs on the home button and then pressed multiple times. 


    Btw, I never post to forums, but felt like I had to for this.  Why get a new phone, or iPhone if a drop of alcohol can fix your home button.  For everyone having their home button not working, try this out!

  • csknight10 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok the 3 step process only worked for a few mins, however, the alcohol tip is working! Thanks!

  • aimalstar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There is another way to improve your iphone home button easy tips.........


    Its a hardware issue that Apple overlooked. Try this work around to save money. Plug your iPhone USB cable into the phone (No need to plug the other end to anything) and grip the part right where it is plugged into the phone. Slightly bend it up towards the screen, just a little (You might even hear a click) and presto! This is guaranteed to work most of the time. If it doesn't, you need a new Home Button then.

    Just dont blame anyone if you break something because this work around relies on your own strength..Ü

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    Solid Tip

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    Don't know if this will work for anyone else, but I turned off Bluetooth and my home button magically started working.

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    The plugging in to charger trick worked for me!

  • majrul Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've the most unexpected experience to share. I tried everything which the different threads and forums mentioned but in vain. I was frustrated. But co-incidentally while having lunch today, the phone accidentally fell on the floor. After i picked it up, voila the HOME button is working 100% normal now. Not even a single miss in the last 8 hours since it fell on the floor. I think that fall on the floor did something. It bought everything in place. I am very happy. I never expected this! The distance it fell was approx 1-2 feet.


    I don't recommend anyone at all to try this. It's just that it worked for me after this!

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    putting off bluethooth solved my homebutton issue... Still bitter taste in my mouth...

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    I to can confirm alcohol worked 100%  - I used 40% vodka.


    The IPhone 4 is only over a year old and the home button only worked when pressed down hard. I tried the usual resets, plugging in the charger lead etc. I tried a little drop of vodka directly onto the home button a kept pressed the button down lightly after three or four presses the button started to work so I kept pressing. After about ten seconds the button worked every time.


    Thanks for the advice and hope this helps others wading through these forums.

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    My button just refused to work for the last weeks. Out of every 20 times it would work once I was almost going to send it for repair and then found this thread,  so I tried the following;


    1. Turned off the iPhone

    2. Spilled some alcohol over the home button

    3. Pressed a few times and then turned the iPhone vertically and pressed again various times

    4. Used compressed air on the button while repeatedly pressing it for about  1 to 2 minutes



    Now the button works every single time , it's like having a new iPhone.

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    i have an ipod 4... recently it fell pretty hard on the ground and since then the home button isnt working. ive had the assistive touch but i want the button to be fixed as i have to sell it... i live in pakistan... i want u people to tell me where i should get it fixed and checked. plz help.

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    I just tried the suggestion of blowing into the connector on 2 iphones, and it worked like a charm!

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    I thought blowing into the connector was a bunch of I finally tried it after a month of total agravation with the menu button and guess what...IT WORKS!!!

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    Hello guys, I'd like to share my experience for the benefit of all the good people that had shared their knowledge to solve this particularly uncomfortable problem.


    I had problems with my home button for the last year and applied pretty much all the tweaks described in this thread, all of them worked, to an extent, and none of them were definite. Finally I paid a technician to replace the button and he explained to me what happened to my unit (and possibly to all of you who are experiencing the same problem):


    The button part has an integrated circuit that in my case was partially "unglued", the most common cause for this is contact with extreme humidity or water exposure, this hardware error cause the button to be faulty, and by using the power cable or cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, you are only pulling the circuit back to place, so it can work temporarily work until it moves out of position again. The technician simply replaced the circuit and welded it into position and the button has been working like new.


    I recommend you to visit your local phone technician and asking about a fix, I paid under $35 USD for it, and since my iPhone was out of warranty I even feel more secure after the process, knowing that if I have a hardware problem again there is skilled people that will fix your problem and treat your unit with care.


    Hope this help. The best of luck to all.

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