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I am trying to change the time zone for specific events, as they will take place while I am in a different time zone. iCal Help lists 3 steps to do this:


  1. Choose iCal > Preferences, click Advanced, and then select the “Turn on time zone support” checkbox.
  2. In the main calendar view, double-click the event. If necessary, click Edit to open the event editor.
  3. To change the event’s time zone, choose a time zone from the time zone pop-up menu in the event editor.To choose a location that isn’t listed in the menu, choose Other. Click the approximate location for your time zone on the map, and then choose a city from the pop-up menu that appears."


I am able to complete steps 1 & 2. In doing step 3, however, when I open up the relevant event to edit it, I do not get a "time zone pop up menu".... please can someone tell me where this ought to be or how I can turn it on?


Many thanks in advance!

Mac OS X (10.6.7)