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The issue is;


I have a iphone 4 from verizon.  I have a ipad 2 wifi, no 3g.  I bring up the personal hotspot on the iphone and connect the ipad via wifi.  The link connection appears and then starts to blink randomly and disconnects in a matter of a few seconds.  There are time I have a connection for about 30 seconds and then it is gone al together.  I have tried all of the regular steps, forgetting the network, reset network settings, etc. short of restoring the devices, which I find hard to believe is a solution to the issue.  Both devices have the most up to date software, both devices are able to connect to other wifi sources.  The hotspot can be seen by other devices and can support attachments to other devices, laptops etc.   Since both devices can connect to other wifi sources I have a hard time believing its a wifi issue.  I'm starting to think this is a proximity issue, or signal interference.

iPad 2