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I currently have iPhoto '11 (9.1.1) installed that was purchased from the Mac App Store.  I know 9.1.2 was released yesterday, but when I launch the App Store, there are no available updates.  It says on the iPhoto app page that the current version is 9.1.2, but it also says it's already installed.  I tried launching Software Update, and it won't show up in there either.  Any ideas on why SU and the MAS think I already have 9.1.2 and how I can go about getting the update?

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    You can get it at the Apple Downloads page.  I prefer to download all updates from there and install them manually.  Safer IMO.



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    I found the problem.  Spotlight.  I started investigating and discovered that none of my other apps which have since been updated where showing available updates either.  So some digging on the internet led to me to an article about spotlight.  I never use spotlight and therefore had it disabled.  However, in order for the Mac App Store to function properly regarding updates, spotlight must be active.  So, turned spotlight on, launched the app store, and viola, updates!



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    Old Toad, I had the exact same experience as ggarthe (9.1.2 not offered by App store or Software Update) and as you correctly point out, I can download it directly,  but it is worrying that two "official" methods of getting updates fail to offer it.  I thought it might be because I have an early 2006 core duo iMac but from ggarthe's experience, this is not the issue.

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    The App store will probably update soon and offer the latest version of iPhoto.  But the updater that is being delivered currently by software update or the downloads page  is not a full copy of iPhoto, just a patch.

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    You were absolutely right.  I found the 9.1.2 version on the App Store this morning and have it now.  I guess I was just impatient, as I haven't done much on the App Store yet.

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    Don't install it!!!  It just destroyed several of my events!eventdisappeared.jpg

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    Load your backup of the iPhoto library - it 7.1.2 works fine



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    Try rebuild your thumbnails.