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I used the disk utility  (booted to the install DVD by holding down the <C> key) to partition the hard drive in my Macbook into two partitions.  Subsequent to this, I successfully installed the OS( installed it on 1st partition)  Now I want to boot to the install DVD again so I can "nuke" the hard disk and start over.  The only problem is that now, even if I hold the <C>  key down, it won't boot to the install DVD....thought I'd see if anyone has ideas. 

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    What happens if you hold down the "option" key?  This key will allow you to choose which disk to boot up from.

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    Probably your DVD is scratched or dirty. Take a look at the reflective side of the DVD. If it has lots of finger prints carefully wipe it clean with a lint free cloth. If it is scratched get your computer's serial number and call AppleCare for a replacement.


    If the DVD appears to be in good shape you might try a lens cleaner for the optical drive.

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    So it turned out the disk was dirty.  ( I should have thought of that).  I appreciate the advice.  Thanks also for pointing out what the options key does during boot.  I'm new to the MAC world and it looks like that is kind of a cool feature which allows you to pick if you want to boot to a specific device or partition.