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I'm creating a project in DVDSP4 but having an issue that the menu button's functions are not following what I have programmed.


The workflow of the DVD is this:


FirstPlay- Track 1 - to play a short clip and then endjump to Menu 1 where the main menu has the buttons are targets.


If I select any of the buttons on menu1, the simulator goes to the correct location, but if at any time I press the menu button, the DVD starts playing Track 1 for some strange reason.


I made sure that in the main DVD preferrences in DVDSP4, I've made sure that the remote control buttons are set correctly - Menu should go to Menu 1, but it's not. It goes to Track 1. I have no other settings in the workflow that set where the menu jumps to.


I think I've notated everything I've done.


What am I doing wrong in programming the menu button. please help. Thanks.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7), White Intel Core 2 Duo,8g ram,250g
  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    what's it look like if you use the graphical display of the disc layout?

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    I wasn't aware that the graphical layout view will show connections to the DVD remote menu button.


    to answer your question, I see all the connections like I normally would. How can I arrange this to see what's going on with the DVD remote menu buttons programming?

  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    The menu, title and return buttons are hard-wired buttons that act a little differently that "remote" buttons. Because "remote controls" devices from different manufacturers are very different from one another these special buttons, are not as flexible as buttons you create yourself.


    Some of the terms you are using are a little confusing because they are used congruently, but it sounds like you have the "menu" button attached to the first menu in a way that it's connected to tracks rather than the menu itself. Take a look at the following:


    From the manual

    Remote Control Settings

    An important part of authoring a DVD title is to assign functions to the DVD player’s remote control buttons. For most projects, you set these functions for the entire disc. However, you can override several of the disc settings for individual tracks, stories, markers, slideshows, and menus.

    If an individual element has more than one remote control setting:

    •          Track, slideshow, story, and menu settings take precedence over disc settings while they play.

    • Markersettingsoverrideallothersettingswhilethatpartofthetrackorstoryplays. Note: All of these settings can also all be made in the Connections tab.

    612          Chapter 23 Using Advanced FeaturesRemote Control Buttons

    The disc’s remote control settings support seven buttons. Remote control settings for tracks, stories, markers, slideshows, and menus support only certain ones:

    • Title: Supported by the disc settings only. This button is typically linked to the primary menu so that, no matter where the viewers are in the title, when they press the Title button they will always go to the same place.

    •          Menu:          Supported by all elements that can set remote control settings (disc, track, story, marker, and slideshow) except menus. You should generally link this button to the last menu viewed.

    • Angle: Supported by the disc, track, and slideshow elements. You can link this button to a menu that allows the viewer to select the angle to view.

    • Chapter: Supported by the disc, track, and slideshow elements. Typically found only on specialized DVD players, you can link this button to a menu that allows the viewer to select the chapter to view.

    • Audio: Supported by the disc, track, and slideshow elements. You can link the Audio button to a menu that allows the viewer to select the audio stream to listen to.

    •          Subtitle:          Supported by the disc, track, and slideshow elements. You can link this button to a menu that allows the viewer to select whether subtitles appear and the subtitle stream to view.

    • Return: Supported by the disc and menu settings only. The Return button is usually used to provide an easy way for the viewer to navigate back through nested menus.

    Configuring the Remote Control Buttons

    You can configure the remote control buttons either in the Inspector or in the Connections tab.

    Beware of Similar-Sounding Buttons

    The remote controls of most DVD players include stream select buttons labeled Angle, Audio, and Subtitle. These are not the same as the remote control buttons you can assign menus to. These three buttons allow the viewer to directly select the angle, audio, and subtitle stream without going to a menu first.

    The Angle, Chapter, Audio, and Subtitle remote control buttons that you can assign menus to are in addition to these three stream select buttons, and are found only on a few remote controls, typically grouped in a “Menus” section of the remote control.

    It is important to include alternative methods for viewers to get to these menus. You cannot count on all remote controls to have these buttons.

    Chapter 23 Using Advanced Features          613


    Chapter 23 Using Advanced Features






    To set the remote control buttons using the Inspector

    Select the element whose remote control buttons you want to set. You can select the element in the Outline tab, the Graphical tab, or use the pop-up menu in the appropriate editor.

    In the Inspector, open the pop-up menu for the button to be set, then choose the function to link to. All elements currently set in the project are available to be linked to.

    The remote control settings are in different Inspector locations for different elements:

    • Disc Inspector: The commonly used remote control settings (Title, Menu, and Return) are in the General tab. The Advanced tab contains the settings that are not often used (Angle, Chapter, Audio, and Subtitle).

    • Track, Story, and Marker Inspectors: All remote control settings are in their General tabs. • Slideshow and Story Marker Inspectors: All remote control settings are in its main area

    (there are no tabs). • Menu Inspector: Its only remote control setting (Return) is in its Menu tab.

    To set the remote control buttons using the Connections tab

    Click the Connections tab. You can see all source elements in the project together, or see one element at a time:

    • To see the remote control buttons for all project elements at once: Select the disc in the Outline tab or click an empty area in the Graphical tab.

    • To see the remote control buttons for a single element: Select that element in the Outline tab, the Graphical tab, or use the pop-up menu in the appropriate editor.

    Use the View pop-up menu in the Connections tab to control which of the remote buttons are visible:

    • Basic: Shows the disc’s title button, and the track’s, story’s, and slideshow’s menu buttons.

    • Standard: Shows all basic buttons plus menu buttons for a track’s markers. • Advanced: Shows all possible remote buttons.

    Set the link for the remote button by either dragging the target to the source element or Control-clicking the button’s setting in the Target column, and choosing the element to link to from the shortcut menu.

  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    To get the information on button links the way I think you may be asking, use the "connections" tab. It indicates what button name is attached where.




  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks- I should have clarified the DVD remote button I was talking about is in the DVDSP simulator. I'm referring to the 'menu' and 'title' buttons that represent the corresponding buttons on just about every DVD remote.


    What's strange about this issue, is the global setting for this button (menu) is targeted the main menu of the disc, and it does work just fine. The issue is (the best I can explain it) is if I press the menu button on the remote in the simulator repeatedly, the video window reacts differently each time. What is supposed to happen- is no matter where the DVD is in the workflow, the user should be able to press 'menu' at any time and get back to the main menu of the disc. That's my goal, and I've never had trouble setting this up in the past, and I've never had the menu button do 2 different things if you press it more than once.


    I hope that didn't confuse the issue.

  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    actually, you can't trust the simulator. Not everything in it works at all, let alone correctly. I'd burn a disc and test it. I always do anyway.


    Those buttons exist on most remotes, but aren't always programmed the same way. And you see that in DVDSP they tend to follow disc settings. I find that the menu and title ones get screwy on different players. I usually create my own "main menu" and "back" buttons so I direct the viewer right where I want them to go, not where the DVD players lets them go. DVDSP isn't perfect, but it's extremely competent for what it is. It also saved us $21,600 with the first purchase. This was back when it was sold separately. We were about to but another offering from a different vendor. A last moment suggestion from one of the publishers suggested that we look at it. Despite the rantings of other publishers that "it won't work," we found that there was nothing we needed that it couldn't do, including subtitles and closed captioning. That was long, long ago and it's been a workhorse ever since.

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for posting this.


    I made sure the Remote Control menu button is set the way it should be.


    What I noticed could be part of the problem is I have a video on Track 1 that I have set as the FirstPlay of the DVD which then EndJumps to Menu 1 (the main menu of the DVD). When the simulator is playing, and I press the remote conrol menu button, the player will always go to the video that's set as FirstPlay even though the menu button is programmed to go to menu 1.


    I tried to trouble shoot this by changing the FirstPlay setting from Track1 to Menu1. When this change was made the menu button on the remote works the way I want it to.


    So my question is - Why does the remote control menu button play Track 1 instead of going to Menu 1 if Track 1 is set as First Play? Maybe there is another way to play this video clip as the first thing the player would show if it's not set as FirstPlay - maybe with a script? Anyway, this seems to be the issue. There's something in the way that Track 1 is set as First Play that causes the Remote's menu button to link to the First Play instead of Menu 1.


    Thoughts anyone?

  • Paul Cuciti Level 2 (385 points)

    Perhaps the landing point on the menu is set to automatically play the first clip, essentially creating a loop. Where does the 'title' button take you?

  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    I think it is something like that, Paul. I have a video as first play, our copyright and theft warning. Done that for about 10 years. Never been a problem. It jumps to the first menu (titled main menu, BTW), and I have it highlight the primary "play video" button.

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    The title button always goes back to the Menu 1 which is where it's supposed to go.


    Why do you think the Menu button on the remote goes back to the FirstPlay video and not Menu 1, where it's target is set to? As soon as I change the FirstPlay setting to Menu1, Then the Menu button doesn't do anything. Note that I've set the target of the remote control menu button to always go to Menu1 and all the corresponding tracks and menus are set to 'set to disc default'.


    So I still can't figure why this is happening.


    All I want to do is have this video clip set as FirstPlay and then endjump to Menu 1, but have the remote control menu button go to Menu1 and not the FirstPlay video. I can't seem to work around this issue.

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    Question for you though- how do I change the landing point on Menu 1 so it doesn't play the first clip?

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    Does the name of the Menu matter? I left the default names of Menu 1, Menu 2....

  • NLEdit Level 4 (1,645 points)

    You can just pick a menu for a jump-to, you don't have to pick a track or a button


    why not define the Remote button to go to an invisible do-nothing button?


    I've never used the name Menu 1. I've always used main menu or something like that. Just so my brain doesn't hurt later. And I label the buttons for what they are, not button 1, button 2, which tells me nothing when trouble shooting.


    You know. When I started with DVDs it was test after test after test to get the things to work right. But those tests, over time, took less and less time. Apparently I got the hang of it and made fewer mistakes. keep on.

  • BrianMBM Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the strange thing- I did intend on having the remote button do nothing by not programming it, but it still wants to go to this track that I have set as the FirstPlay. It seems I can't disable the remote control menu button. even if I go into the top level of the DVD where all the remote buttons are defined, and set that menu button as nothing, it still is playing that video track as long as the video track is assigned as the FirstPlay.


    I've never seen this before. I've used DVDSP for years and this has me racking my brain and I can't think of what's going on here.


    I really appreciate all the help.

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