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Okay so my iphone is about a year old, it's been dropped lightly a couple of times over the year but nothing major. Recently it ran out of battery and I went to plug it in as usual and nothing. No beep no charging or anything. If i try and turn it on it comes up the  red battery flashing with the connect to power signs. Even though it's connected to the charger. Theres nothing wrong with the USB cable because if I plug it into my Ipod then it instantly connects to the pc / starts charging. Swap it over to the iphone and nothing. It's just basically like it's not even plugged in. Screens absolutely fine when I turn it on and it comes up the connect to power red flashing battery theres nothing differnt than how it should be. I tried holding the home button and power button but nothing seems to work.


So frustrating. I think it's just under a year old ( start of june last year i got it i think ) ..it's on contract and i'm on O2. will it be insured, will I have to pay anything.. it's got a few scratches here and there over time.


thanks for any help

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.3.1