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I was having a problem syncing my phone for the past few days.When i plugged my iPhone into the computer itunes would not open. But it does acknowlege my iphone and i am able to get to the tabs on it. It would automatically start to sync, but wouldnt get past the "verifying iphone" progress bar.

This morning i took it to the apple store because in attempt to restore, it wouldnt sync anything at all. itunes would just freeze but my iphone would still say sync in progress.

so apple hard synced my phone, clearing EVERYTHING.

today when i got home i connected my phone and it looked like it was going to work, got to step 3 of 4, sync all the apps, but as soon as it got to music, it saying syncing [song] 1 of 450. and then it frooze.




I'm running windows xp and everything is up to date. i've gone high and low to find the solution to this problem. please help!

iPhone 4, Windows XP