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Anyone having audio distortion on their macbook pros? I only have it when listening through the speakers and not headphones. The sound is ok until i get to about the halfway mark when turning the volume up.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    My problem is the other way around, speakers work fine.. but any headphones I plug in produce a seriously messed up sound, and way too faint as well...


    Problem was there from minute one... have you found a solutiuon yet?

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    Yep, I've had the same problem since buying my new Macbook Pro in March. The strange thing is that it seems to come and go, though I can't find any common thread in the instances where there is no distortion.  I'm going to try some new speakers and hope that it helps, but the speakers I'm using worked fine with my Macbook Pro purchased ca. 2007.

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    I contacted Apple and because it was an on arival problem.. I got a brand new one

    It's on it's way right now, still have to reintall everything but I'm happy non the less.


    Maybe the same goes for your fault?



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    I had the problem after about 6 months of MacBook Pro operation (MacBook Pro Mountain OSX 10.8.2).

    On first start in the morning, the loudspeaker symbol in the command bar at the top of the screen was grey. System preferences Audio: everything was paralized. After restart, it was ok.

    The problem always came back on first start of the day. At the end I performed a "Verify Disk Permissions" and "Repair Disk Permissions". There were 5 Permissions Problems. After repair, the audio was ok the next day first start.

    If you run Permissions Repair: the Permissions are not repaired all at once. Run again Verify Disk Permissions, and Repair again.

    Good luck.

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    Try a PRAM reset and see if that offers any relief: