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yes i wanted to buy a macbook and i wanted to knnow if getting a refurbished one would be a goood idea. Like ive never bought anything refurbished or anything like that. actually like the prices they have for this refurbished product. Can somebody please tell me if im making a goood buy or share any of their stories with apple refurbished products good or bad.


thank you..

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    I've had only good experiences with buying refurbished products directly from Apple. The come with the same warranty as new computers plus they have been inspected and tested before leaving Apple. On the otherhand, if you buy refurbished from another source, you might get a computer without the included discs or they might have blimishes on them. Be sure you find out what your are getting and what is included in the box.

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    I am buying this product from apple; and i want to know if they ship as they state. I was reading online  a couple days ago someone bought a macbook and they sent it without the right memory

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    Apple tests all refurbished units before they leave their warehouse. So it absolutely should be sent with the correct memory.