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My iPad 2 sometimes makes the "tri-tone" sound (like the iPhone's default text-message-received sound) when nothing is apparently going on. There's no notification, and no app is showing a badge or any obvious activity. Sometimes it happens when the iPad is asleep, sometimes when I'm using it.


Anybody know what causes this? I'm guessing it's a third-party app running something in the background, but I'd like to know what it means.




iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • Jay Floyd Level 1 (75 points)

    I second this question.  My iPad is doing the same thing.  There was some 'Facebook' app that I installed briefly but then removed from the iPad, and for some reason I think it may have left some notification protocol behind, but I can't figure out how to check it.


    Any ideas?

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    Was it Friendly? I have that installed, and I was sort of suspecting it as well, though it's hard to imagine how it could leave something behind once it was uninstalled.



  • Jay Floyd Level 1 (75 points)

    I do think that was the program in question... yes.  Remember, there was an 'opt in' notification at first launch?  Somehow I think it's still in there. 

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    This setting appears when you open an app, such as Game Center, that uses the Apple Push Notification service. Push notifications alert you to new information, even when the app isn’t running. Notifications vary by app, but may include text or sound alerts, and a numbered badge on the app icon on the Home screen. Turn notifications off if you don’t want to be notified, or to conserve battery life. See “Side Switch” on page 160.

    Turn all notifications on or off: Tap Notifications, then turn Notifications on or off. Turn sounds, alerts, or badges on or off for an app: Tap Notifications, choose an app

    from the list, then choose the types of notifications you want to turn on or off.


    also try the sounds preference page...

  • Jay Floyd Level 1 (75 points)

    I've followed your instructions and turned off most of the few notifications I had turned on (but didn't know it!).


    Thanks for the tip -- I'll be surprised if this doesn't fix it.

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    Sure, I understand that this is some app's notification, but there's no way to tell which app. Since it doesn't happen very often or on any predictable schedule, figuring it out via trial and error would take an extraordinarily long time. I was hoping that someone else had experienced this (seems likely, no?) and had already figured out what it was.




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    I third the question. Sounds like a guitar strum or chord. Never heard it in over a year.

    Could not identify the app that was trying to get my attention. Very annoying. Turned notifications off, and that solved it, but I spent half an hour searching and turning on and individual app alerts.


    Hope apple improves this, if an app wants my attention it should be possible to find out which app!

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    Unfortunately, Apple only can do so much about notifications from other apps [and their tri-tone sound of the notification ], most of the apps themselves have the option as soon as you first open it to set a few different options. usually it will ask you if you want to receive 'push' notifications. if you say yes, depending on the app, it sets three different kinds of notifications: badges, alerts, and sounds.

    badges are the numbered icons showing how much of a certain notification [as in how much new mail, for example] is waiting for you in an app. alerts are text pop ups that explain when something happens in an app, and sounds are, in most cases, set to that tri-tone ringtone and happen inside an app when something happens [or finishes loading, its completely dependent on the app].

    you might be hearing the sound and not seeing any visual notification from the app if the notifcation setting in that certain app is set to only 'sounds' and not 'alerts', so if you see any with just 'sounds' activated try activating the 'alerts' tab on it too.


    good luck!


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    surely the app signals a notification and does not instruct to tone?


    All my alerts and various sounds I have setup work fine exept twitter, where i just get the tri-tone alert.


    Apparently Apple products just dont "work" anymore....

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    For me , it was the new Gmail app. You can turn off the sounds under Notifications.