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    Just had this happen to me.  I powered down my MBP, 15" late 2008 model, around 32% last night.  This morning I plugged it in and turned it on and it showed 0% and is now saying service battery.  Had this since 08-09 with really no problems except a few minor glitches and bugs.  Will try the SMC and resetting PRAM and see if those happen to work.  If not, looks like I might be buying a new battery since the wife is getting an Ipad 2 soon, which means awhile before I get my new Mac.

  • First Magus Level 6 Level 6

    Welcome to the forums.  It is a good idea to start a new thread when you have a problem.  This allows you the maximum amount of viewers to help. 


    One thing that caught my eye was that you turned off your MBP and then plugged it in the next morning.  Why didn't you let it charge overnight?  If you have had your battery that long there is a good chance it needs replacing.  How many cycles does it have on it?



  • ssaadd123 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey my one is in Warranty and showing this Service Battery.
    So my question is. Do I have to pay for this Service?
    Or they will do it free?
    I am from Bangladesh and they said they will not replace the battery. I didn't asked why. because I was very Busy...


    But Do I have to pay for it ?
    they Authorized service center is not responding well here...


    Please Help!

  • Ricky62 Level 1 Level 1



    If you Mac is in warranty you will not pay for servicing unless the issue is one of battery being fried up or something related to the unusual functioning of the battery ( battery unusable as a result of accidental water damage).


    In most case, SMC reset will get the 'Service battery' resolved. Run it a few times to be cooksure it is resolved. 

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

  • ssaadd123 Level 1 Level 1

    thank you for your reply....
    No I have used My battery cycle over 380 times in past 2.5 years...and I had no problem until now...and I never over used my laptop's processor...I tried to run in battery maximum time...


    I have no idea what is this Service battery means...But will this SMC gonna effect my any other works? & my Laptop also hold less charge than before, what can I do about that? It give's 5 hours and  few minutes more I guess...will it again come back to normal 7 hours backup?

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    Okay, to clear things up. When you get the "Service Battery" notification, this does NOT mean you HAVE to go and get a new battery; that's just wasting your money.

    Let your laptop run through a couple charges, or just ignore it, and it will go away after a while without any side effects.

    As for battery life, if you keep your laptop plugged in 24/7, sell it and get a desktop. If you have to have a laptop, unplug it once in a while and let it get down to a point where the warning pops up saying that you're now running on "emergency power", then plug it back in; this will make your battery life a bit longer, though I'm not 100% clear on how or why.

  • ssaadd123 Level 1 Level 1

    No I don't keep it plugged everytime...And whatever you said
    I did it many times..drained all power and then Fully charged...still showing it...

    And also reset the SMC....still doesn't go battery also don't hold 100% back up anymore...
    it gives 70% of that...Not 7 hours...5 hours...


    I also had another question....what will apple do if I give my laptop to them?

  • Hobbit Shado Level 1 Level 1

    That wasn't just directed at you, I'm sorry if it felt like that.

    It's impossible for a computer to hold 100% of it's charge everytime. It loses a little bit over time that it can't get back.

    But like I said, having the Service Battery warning doesn't give any side effects so I'd just hold off on going to Apple. Especially since a new battery costs more than $100 to replace. (I'm not sure what they'd do if you gave your laptop to them, but I'd guess they would suggest getting a new battery which isn't necessary)

  • ssaadd123 Level 1 Level 1

    I understand...
    I know there isn't but at least they should remove this notification...
    and My laptop is still under warrenty coverage...I shouldn't be paying for anything...and I also don't want to replace the battery since 3 years haven't passed...
    when I bought this laptop in the first used to hold 8 hours some how...


    anyways. Do I have to pay for anything if I give the laptop for check to Authorized service Center? according to what this "Service Battery" asking for...
    Will they ask to pay if there is to change in my laptop?
    I don't think I avoid the warrenty...I don't even know how this service battery came...I don't think I have any fault of doing something like that...

  • Hobbit Shado Level 1 Level 1

    99% of the time, if your laptop is covered by a warranty, it's free to get it checked for problems. The only time that you'll have to pay for sure, is if you want something replaced (Unless it's a known issue like the bottom cover expanding from the heat).

    There's nothing you could've done to make this happen; It just comes on for no apparent reason.

  • ssaadd123 Level 1 Level 1

    No. nothing physical stuff...only the battery showing less and the Notification ...otherwise My laptop is OK...


    guess I should give it for service then...lets see what happens...Thanks for the Info

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    I will give my opinion about the "Service Battery" because since I updated my MacBook Pro to 10.9.1 (2weeks ago) suddenly my laptop gives me that information and the battery "dies" very fast and its running very slow and my girlfriend's laptop has the same problem about the battery since the update.


    I left my laptop turned on without the charger after charging to 100% and I went to the shops and I came home after 45 minutes and I had the battery completely discharged. Before the update I could use my laptop for at least 5 hours without the charger.


    Both laptops have 4 years, bough in 2010, way before the update it was running perfectly and had no problem with the battery. So I think it is Apple strategy so you can take your laptop to fix it and probably is nothing or there is a bug in the new OS X Maverick.

  • DessiMacBookAir Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried to go back to your previous OS to remove the problem?

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