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  • rlin81 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can delete contact cache on IOS 6. Not sure about 5. I can use me-too steps he provided and also when typing in the name i get an arrow next to some search results and it gives me the option to remove from recent.




    This worked for me on an iPad2.  Your mileage may vary.


    Send an email with the bogus name.

    Go into your sent folder and open the email you just sent.

    Tap on the name in the To: box that you need to change.

    Tap edit.

    Change the name.

    Save the change.

    Worked for me.

    Haven't figured out how to delete one yet, but at least now I can send email to the right name.

  • Steve So. Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Since Mail is Cloud-based and maintains the sync across all devices, if you remove the address from "previous address list" in on a Mac, it will do the same on all your iOS devices.  Cheers.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)

    Please provide a link to the Apple documentation that includes the list of previous recipients with the Mail app on a Mac and with the iOS Mail app is synchronized. And if synchronized with iOS devices, where is the iCloud account setting on my iOS devices for enabling and disabling the option?

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    I can't believe it, as suddenly all my emails have disappeared from cache. Has Apple finally got the message? Or is this a blip on my iPad? Maybe it was IO6 which made them disappear by accident, because Apple shrugged off this problem thinking it would go away.


    I will inform the forum if they return, otherwise has anyone else noticed the disappearance of this nuisance?



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    I am using whatever the lastest version of iOS 5 is and found an alternate solution that worked for my Yahoo account (I do not use iCloud for e-mail) on my iPhone, so I assume it would work on iPads too.  First, I deleted the e-mail on my phone from the Contacts entry for my friend whose old address was coming up in autofil whenever I started to type his name. This did not work. But then I went into Yahoo through my desktop web browser and did two things: First, I deleted the e-mail from the Yahoo address book. That alone did not remove his e-mail from autofil. Then, I started a new e-mail in Yahoo and typed my friend's first name in the "To:" field as usual. The autofil with the old e-mail address came up with an "x" to the right of it. I clicked on this "x", and cancelled the e-mail, then opened up the Mail app on my iPhone, and presto! the problem was gone.

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    I had the same issue - I had old email addresses popping up for a specific contact when sending a new email. However there is a simple way to remove them.


    1.Create a new email

    2.Start typing the name of the contact

    3.If you have an old address entry pop up you will see a blue ">" come up to the right their name

    4.Click on the blue arrow

    5.It takes you to a new screen at the bottom you select "remove entry "

    6.The old cached entry is removed


    Hope this helps.



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    "I can delete contact cache on IOS 6. Not sure about 5. I can use me-too steps he provided and also when typing in the name i get an arrow next to some search results and it gives me the option to remove from recent."


    Yes! This works perfectly. Thanks for the tip. Just tap on the blue arrow when the suggested addresses pop up in the address bar,  scroll down to hit the red delet from cache button. 

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    It's a goofy solution, but it worked for me.



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    Thanks rlin81.  Using IOS 6.  With those instructions I was able to find and fix the bad contact.  The next time I started typing, I got the right-arrow and the option to delete from recipients.  Thanks Apple too for fixing!

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    Thank you

  • rijsba Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Perfect!  Worked like a charm.  Thank you so much.

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    Good news!  A much simpler method has surfaced with iOS7:


    -as you begin to type the address in the TO: line, a window of similar addresses pops up

    -those not in your contacts will have an information icon to the right (an i)

    -tap the "i" and you'll get several options, the last of which is "remove from recents"


    If the "i" isn't available, the address is part of your contacts on your device.  You can instead delete it via the contacts app.


    Hope this helps!

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    I still have someone showing up in my "Search" box...but not in "Previous Recipients" HELP!


    ex.  I type "Emily" in Search and I get ""  but then I go to my "previous recipients"

    List and this email is NOT there for me to delete? Where the heck is it?!

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    I cannot belive that even with the 7th generation of IOS we still have to delete unwanted recent recipients one by one. How many times did happen to you that you have sent an email to your friend's job address instead of the private one with embarassing content? It happened to me twice and I don't want it to happen again, I'd rather swith to Android.. sorry Apple.


    The same thing about the multitasking list. Why isn't there a simple button to close all apps at once?

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    If you are sending something with embarrassing content maybe you should take a moment to double check where it's being sent. Just a thought.


    The current design works quite well IMO. If I'm sending an email to a friend named "Jay", Mail brings up a list of those in my contact list matching the expression "Jay" as well those matches I've previously emailed (say, some Craigslist redirect address). Those I've previously emailed but are not in my contact list have an "i" within a circle. I then take a moment to remove anything unwanted.


    Why do you need a button to close all apps? Applications that are open in the quick list are not in use. They are simply in quiesce state. Apps in the foreground being interacted with are active. Flicking my thumb to close any or all apps I have open takes me all of maybe 4 seconds.