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My new 64Gb WiFi + 3G iPad 2 arrived today. But I cannot connect to it from iTunes on my Mac.


I have the latest version of iTunes installed (I checked) and before I connected the iPad 2 I did a final sync with my iPad 1 and that went fine.


Next, I plugged in the new iPad 2 using the USB2 cable. The iPad 2 started up, and said No SIM card. Fine, I just want to set it up and get my apps transferred across, so I tapped OK. Then a white window popped up with a Continue button on it, but nothing happened at all. It was as though things were dead. So I unmounted the iPad2 from iTunes, restarted the iPad 2 and rebooted the iMac and from then on connecting the iPad 2 with the cable to the iMac had absolutely no effect at all.


It is as if the iPad2 is not connected to the iMac at all.


Because I have an original iPad I thought it would be possible to setup the new iPad2 from the backup of the iPad 1 but this cannot happen if the darned thing won't even connect to iTunes.


The iPad 2 User Guide makes no mention of setting up an iPad if you already have one. It is as if Apple forgot people might buy a second one for the family to use.


Please can someone help me urgently? I do not need to use the 3G capability for some time, but will connect when away from my iMac using WiFi. The setup I want to do now is to just get the thing working.

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    I have a similar problem. New Ipad 2 . I installed latest itunes version of itunes. Nothing happens. I then unninstalled itunes via control panel ( windows 7) and reinstalled itunes.  Nothing happens.  I contacted Apple afer trying this on 3 different cpu's and they shipped me a new one. I'Ve waited 6 wks for this one so whats another 2 wks. Thanks APPLE

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    Ooof. Same problem, 32GB Verizon iPad2

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    Well, my problem was embarrasingly my own fault. Yes, I had plugged in the new iPad 2 cable to the back of my iMac - but plugged in the end of the old cable from the iPad original version! Oops! When I said it was if the iPad wasn't even connected, it wasn't.


    From there, the problem of connectivity I had had before when I could connect (using the old cable at both ends) seemed to have disappeared.


    However, I would suggest to Apple that they add some help for iPad upgraders as well as newbies. There simply isn't anything out there for us to hold our hand, nothing about how to copy your data across from old iPad to new. At least I have my apps copied across, but it took me hours to rearrange them to be the same as before, and I still have a mysterious 8 Gb of stuff missing from somewhere. I am loath to erase and pass on my old iPad until I have found out where it all is, but how to do that? Apple doesn't say.

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    I had the same problem.. I have successfully transfered froma 16gb Ipad to a new 32 GB ipad and now I have bought the Ipad2 treid the same and it just went dead! Mind you I also upgraded the computer to a IMacPro and it doens seem to recognise the APPs that werent downloaded direct on to the Itunes account..? So went back to sync with the Dell - and the Ipad2 went dead- nothing..Trying to find a solution..?