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I have been using my new iPad2 for several weeks and have got to really love it.  But I had to move my operation to a Windows 7 and it just doesn't work there.  iTunes on Win7 does not set up properly.  I can see iTunes on my Programs folder, but all it shows is the memory in the iPad.  The iPad apps do not appear in the iTunes page the way it did on Windows XP and I cannot sync.  Should be using some different iTunes?

iPad 2, Windows 7
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    I definitely did not have that kind of problem at all.  I also have Win7.  I downloaded and installed the latest iTunes - v 10.2.  And when I connected my iPad, it was immediately recognized.  I assume you are connecting through the USB port, correct?  Make sure your anti-virus software is not blocking the connections.  That is a very strong possibility.  I use ESET, NOD32 software for my 64-bit machine, and I have to put that software into an interactive mode to make sure that it is not blocking some of the services on my LAN. 

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    Try disabling anti virus software and turning off the Firewall on your computer. 


    iPad: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

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    Have you moved your iTunes library from your Win XP computer to your Windows 7 computer? Just connecting your iPad to a new computer is not going to do anything.

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    Matthew Smith is right about that -- it is something that I had not thought of nor did any of the people I spoke to.  But alas, knowing that does not help.  Some strange problem prevents me from authenticating my new computer at iTunes -- which I must do in order to use all the Apps and/or content I purchased.  No matter what I try to do at iTunes it complains that it cannot log me in.  With the help of an Apple support person we were able to show that the problem is not (1) my network connection (I can go anywhere else on the net) (2) the security settings in IE (including signature revocation) (3) the firewall or virus protection settings, or (4) Using the wrong Apple ID.  The one other thing that the technician wanted to do is connect to the network directly, rather than through wireless.  There is, it seems, some experience suggesting that the problem might lie there.  But I can't do that because there is no ethernet connection on my fancy new (Apple Air lookalike) computer.  So I am stuck.

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    Just a thought.  Are you usning 64bit Windows 7?  64bit Windows 7 requires the 64bit version of iTunes.

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    So far I have nothing that runs on 64 bits so it's the 32 bit iTunes I installed.  But that doesn't guarantee that the OS is 32 bits.  I guess I could try the 64 bit iTunes -- I've already blown 3 days on this.  I just checked the systems entry in the Control Panel and it says the OS is 64 bits, so...


    Whoa...  I uninstalled the old iTunes and installed the 64bit one and guess what: Bingo!  You definitely hit the spot for which I am very grateful.


    This suggestion of GZukes should go down in recorded history -- it's amazing that nothing like this has come up in all the postings I have read.  That there are two classes of Win 7 should have been flagged in a big notice on both Windows and iTunes.