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my ipad appears to be frozen.  When I try to slide the open button over the touchscreen doesnt recognize my finger movements

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    Press and Hold the Home and Power buttons until the Apple Logo appears, about 10 seconds. Then let it restart.

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    I had to perform a "restore" via iTunes to get the freezing to go away.  Any idea what might be causing the problem?  Gremlins in the machine?

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    JLS99 wrote:

    Gremlins in the machine?

    Could be...

    Corrupted app, file, part of the iOS. Who knows.

    I have had to restore my iPad-1 about 3 times in a year.

    iPhone 4, I restored it 1 time since I got it.


    It's not bad for as much as I use them. I use them way more than my computer.

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    HELP!!  I restored my iPad this am.  It was working (meaning it recognized my finger motions).  Came home tonight and now it doesn't recognize my finger motions.  Do I need to keep restoring it?  Not sure what the problem is.

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    No, you shouldn't need to, more than once, but something is going on.


    The restore file may have bad data or an app that is causing the problem.


    Try restoring it as a new device and use it only with the included apps for a little while. If it's working, add a few apps at a time,  (Your most-used first) and use it for a while. Then add a few more. Try to isolate any bad app.


    It quite possible an app casing the problem. Maybe the one you added when it started messing up?


    Good luck, and let me know if it works for you.