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Yesterday, i copy music from my computer to my SD card, because i want to listen music in my car.
When i plg my SD card in my car, the music play but there are no information about the files that is playing like artiste, album, ....ert


How can i export my music  to my SD card with all file property (artist, album...) ??


Thank's a lot

Windows 7
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    After you copy the music to the SD card, close iTunes.  Find the files in the SD card and play one or two of them.  Does the artist and album information display on your computer? If yes, the info is in the files, and the issue is with your car player.

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    Thank's for the reply Ed2345.


    Yes, when i read it from my SD card, the info appears in MEdia player.


    But in my car, it's a very good player, it in my new Audi r8.


    In my car player, when a tunes play, it only appear the filename not the title surely the filename is like the title but we see the file extension...


    Also, in my car player, i have a button INFO, so when a tune is playing, i can click on this button to see the Author, title, gender,.... but ALL those fields are empty
    Please help me!!



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    The first thing to do is verify that the files on the SD card are correctly tagged.  Since they display in Windows Media Player, they are probably correct.  But just to make sure, look directly at the tags in iTunes, by right-click, Get Info, Info tab.


    One more possibility is the format of the tags is not compatible.  Most devices nowadays use ID3 v2.3, but iTunes still rips MP3s with ID3 v2.2.  If that is the problem, you can use iTunes to convert them by right-click, then choose "Convert ID3 tags..."  Then recopy them to the SD card and try again.

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    Hello Ed2345


    Thank's a lot for your anwser. I will test it tonight and i will come back to let you know if it works!


    thank you very much
    Have a good week end

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    OK, let us know how it goes.


    One more thought occurred to me.  I assume you are using MP3 files?  If by any chance you are using WAV files, the tags will not transfer.  Just checking.

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    Hello Ed2345,


    Thank's a lot! Now a can get the title, artist.. and other info..


    But one more probleme: In the comments, for all song, it's a strange string of caractors and numbers like : 67+324fasa9543jfsf5
    It's a differente string for all tunes....


    Do you know why?


    Thank's a lot!

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    Bonjour Pascal,


    Glad to hear that the artist information is now displaying correctly.


    Regarding the junk characters in the Comments field:  iTunes does not do anything to modify the Comments field.  When people see those strange characters, it usually turns out that some other program is operating on the same files, such as iVolume or Windows Media Player.  The next time iTunes opens the file, the characters get picked up and displayed.

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    I want to put playlists on an sd card for use in an Audi. Is there a way to import playlists into the "jukebox" in the Audi media player?

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    There is an app called MusikAnywhere that will convert your iTunes higher bit-rate files (like Apple Lossless) to .mp3 at 192 or 256 bit rate and save to your SD card so you can load into your car media center.  I haven't been able to get my car to see the playlists it copies though, not sure why that is.  Also, my car can only handle a 32 GB SD card, won't recognize a 64 GB.