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Ok, so i've seen a lot of "possible" solutions to this issue where the apple ipod nano will get stuck, where all you see is a black screen with the apple logo, it will occasionaly flash but regardless of what you do it stays that way... well i fixed it!


1. make sure your ipod nano is attached to your pc/laptop (i did this using windows vista 32bit)


2. go into disk mode (Hold down the middle button and the play/pause (bottom button) )


3. go into my computer and right click on where it says "removable storage (ipod name)" and click format...


4. under format options click "Restore Device Defaults".  so it should say in the window:


Capacity:  3.68 GB

File system FAT32 (Default)

Allocation unit size: Default allocation size

Volume label (whatever you named your ipod)


5. Click Quick Format.


then safe disconnect and reset your ipod (holding menu and the middle button for about 10 seconds)

when the display goes totally blank let go, the ipod logo should reappear and your screen will light up.  Ta daaa... your ipod nano should work again... i tried just about EVERYTHING i read, the support suggestions, the 5 R's or w/e my ipod nano was crashing itunes on my vista laptop and my win7 64 bit machine even with everything updated, i tried accessing the debug menu or w/e and that didnt' even work, this worked PERFECT.  Actually i stumbled on this by thinking, well i just broke my ipod... at least i have a pretty 4GB flash drive so let me just format it to get all my space lol.  This worked for me so i felt i'd share it with the community and hope that it works for all of you that are having this issue as well.

iPod nano, Windows Vista, 2nd Generation Ipod nano V.0155