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    It seems as this problem is solved in iOS 5 beta 1. Let's hope Apple will launch a public version soon, or at least an update for iOS 4.

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    For developers that are running into this problem and stumble across this thread, we found that you can change the alpha of the video view to .99 and it will fix the gamma correction or brightness issue that's going on.  Rotating the image by 1% worked too, but changing the alpha provides a better looking solution and, while not perfect, looks better than what's happening now.  You have to have good eyes or be in a really dark room to see any difference at that point.

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    Where and how do you make these changes?

  • jrossfeld Level 1 Level 1

    My post was directed at people writing their own apps, so unfortunately, won't be of much use to general users. 

    That's why I started with "for developers."  Apple still needs to fix this in their own software, as they may have done with ios 5 like someone mentioned above.

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    What is the source of your information that indicates this with problem with video playback has been addressed in IOS 5 beta?

    I don't see evidence of this in my searches and Apple has already posted info about a Spring release of IOS5 with 200 new features but no mention of video as far as I can see.

    I'm going to think over the weekend about returning my iPad2 to ATT and holding out for the Spring release of IOS5 and possibly and iPad3.

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    I just got an iPad 2 for use as a portfolio device for reviewing CG lighting work. This bug renders it useless. Please fix this ASAP, Apple.


    Does anyone know of a workaround for users? Is there a 3rd party video playback application that does not suffer this problem?

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    So far the only workaround I have found is to use another coded with AVPlayerHD. Only h.264 seems to be afflicted.

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    Wow I sure am glad I returned my iPad 2 a couple months ago when this problem was first identified.  I see that Apple is no better than Microsoft with cleaning up their bugs (and sometimes they even deny they exist like with the iPhone 4 antenna problem).  If Apple really doesn't give a crap about video playback, then why was Steve Jobs acting like the iPad was this media/visual miniplatform in his long rollout of the iPad 2?  It's like making a shovel that has a 4" hole in it.  I wonder if a company made a shovel like that how long they'd be able to convince the public that it was the best darned shovel ever made.  Actually I guess if Apple made the shovel, maybe a very long time.

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    I have successfully 'avoid' the gamma shift issue by using AVplayerHD.


    First, you have to make sure the video file format or conversion is not made for apple devices, that means don't use converters for iPad, I think any standard video converters would work fine to avoid the gamma shift. After you are done just load it into the AVplayerHD app in the iPad. I tried with AVI, MP4 and MKV, gamma is perfect!


    What I did was using MPEG Streamclip to export a video with apple mepg 4 compressor and 160kps AAC, since I do not have other converters.


    I think those .mkv file 'not-converted-by-yourself' would work just fine, too.




    Enjoy iPad 2 at its fullest...after so much frustration, I feel lucky this is only like the 3rd day I started to use the device HAHA!

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    Hi there Greg, I wrote to Apple and they are going to have a rep call me tomorow at 9:30 AM, to talk to discuss this matter. I don't know what they can say really. Are they working on a solution, or not. That's the question. I just paid $820 for my new Ipad, and for that kind of money, it's absolutely inSANE that the graphics are not crystal clear in every application and video of any kind. I really need the skype option when I'm out and about, and that's important to me, but I also spend a LOT of money on music video's, and I watch them when I travel, and I travel every two months. So I'm not going to be happy with this IPad in like 30 days, I'm pretty sure I'll be over it. I can't belive that Apple would put out this kind of crap. How can do that to their trusting, loyal, customers? It's disgusting. I wish everyone would just return their IPad2's, and see what happens. That would fun. And I would join them if that were to actually be possible. Apple got to rich for it's britches, and now we are supposed to settle for whatever we get, because it's Apple. That really stinks. I just wanted you to know that I am seriously on this, and I hope everyone else is. If we don't collectively contact Apple and complain, nothing will happen. Please let us all know if you hear anything about fixing this issue. Thanks, and Happy New year to you.

    Robbie Leigh

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    I dont have the Grey issue but the screen looks to be compacted (Like the heads are being squashed) and seems to run on 240 or 360 - Rarely do I get a decent video, all other video sites seem to work fine - Should have got a Slate

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    Boy, boy, boy! Finally decided to go and get the iPad. While there, we also got an iMac for my husband. As soon as I synced my iCloud photo stream, I noticed something up with the pictures and videos. There's another issue that we noticed - the safari tab bar is bleeding through the movie I am watching. A super junky video, must say. My husband noticed bleeding through with Facebook.

    I'm disappointed. Nothing new under the sun as far as not following through with fixing things. It's similar to the recall formula - as long as enough people buy and not return, all is well.

    Will be taking mine back on Sunday - so customers can see/hear. Lol.

    I'm sure eventually it will be fixed but for $699 + tax and apple care and case? I want perfection - while an apple customer since 1994, this is not sufferable.

    Still will research if the other option fixes it.

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