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I do not have WiFi available at my location. I connect to the internet with cable. Can I download an ebook to my MacBook, and from there sync to my iPod Touch?

Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Maybe.  Depends on the eBook reader.


    If you are using iBook eBook reader, then iTunes -> Books, then you should be able to drag and drop the book onto your iTunes icon, or you can use iTunes -> File -> Add to Library...


    If you are using a different eBook reader, then it may have registered with iOS that iTunes may sync documents for the app.


    iTunes -> iPod Touch -> Apps -> File Sharing.  Select your App from the File Sharing list, and drag your ebook to the Documents window.


    eBook readers I know that support iTunes sync'ing are







    This is NOT a complete list, just the eBook readers I have installed that show up under the iTunes File Sharing section.  Stanza being my preferred eBook reader.

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    Thank you, Bob. I downloaded Stanza, then an e-book from Books on Board.

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    sounds like great advise.  my daughter has an ipod touch 2generation with ios 4.2  Stanza wont open, nor are the others you've recommended.


    why is that?


    can you recommend another app for us?