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I notice that Keynote for the iPad does not have (or maybe I just can't find it) the capability to assign hyperlinks to objects as it does in Keynote on the iMac (I miss the Inspector!).  Has anyone figured a way around this limitation?  I have been successful in using text (the actual URL) in Keynote on the iPad, but I would rather use an object (picture, logo, etc.) than the actual text.


Also, I would love to have the ability to hyperlink from one slide in the Keynote presentation to another anywhere in the presentation.  Can this be done on the iPad?


I have iPad2 and the latest Keynote App.


Thanks for any help.

Marty T.

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    It's hard to believe that no one has yet responded.  Are there any Keynote users out there that use it on an iPad?  Perhaps there's someone from Apple who knows a bit about the hyperlink situation in Keynote for the iPad?  I'd appreciate any help at all.  Thanks.

    Marty T.

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    AFAIK that functionality just isn't there in the iPad version... frustrating, I know. I was excited that porting a presentation from mac Keynote went so smoothly until I realized that the backbone of navigation it was built on just wasn't there.

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    If you type a URL in a keynote slide it will become a link and you can then edit the link and the text associated to it on the slide.

    There is an annoying limitation (AFIAK) Trying to use custom URL scheme inside Keynote on iPad to launch another application, this does not appear to work to launch another app.

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    After much strife here is a way to do this:

    Create a hyperlink as outlined in the Help menu (make sure you put a space or something after the web address).

    Tap the link and enter the link settings.

    Change the displayed name to "Go" or "Follow" or anything at all.

    Tap on the slide to exit the Settings. 

    Change the field you have created to the same size as the object you want to use to activate the link by adjusting the font size and field width.

    Place the field on top of the object you want to use for the link. 

    Select the field, tap the the info. button at the top, select the Style tab, select "Style Options" at the bottom and adjust the Opacity slider to 0%.

    The text of the field will disappear and the object will now activate the link when it is tapped by the user.


    Not the most elegant, but it will get the job done until Apple enables hyperlinking for objects.  This only works for Safari links not navigation within Keynote or even other apps.


    Hope this helps