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  • TKLA Level 1 (0 points)

    I confirm with the last post that Apple does not repair or replace the screen. They only replace the whole unit. I took my iPad 2 with a broken screen into the store today. I was expecting to pay $150 or so to get the screen repaired, but was very disappointed to hear that I have to pay nearly the price of a new iPad 2. What a ripoff. Thank you Apple!


    I was beginning to become a convert after decades of staying away from Apple computers. I was actually planning to get the new iPhone when it comes out, and was even considering the MacBook Air. But now I will never ever buy any Apple hardware.


    Well, it appears the repair can be done easily and there are companies out there doing it as I just found out online. At a minimum, Apple could point the customer to, and maybe coordinate with, repair shops, instead of just telling me that I have to pay over $400 with a smirk; and to top it off, the Apple employee told me that that was the only option I had - "no thank you", I said.


    I will tell all my friends, many of whom already Apple enthusiasts, this story, and I will discourage everyone I know from getting ripped off by Apple.


    Apple, our relationship was very short-lived but good riddence, and now on to the world of Androids.


    Goodbye Apple!

  • NineTigers Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand many would say this is a bragging point for apple, but I disagree. The new airs have two different screen and flash drive qualities which one can get while paying the same price.


    Apple seems dedicated to not providing everyone with equal quality products and service. I don't like to beg, but I do like to be nice and pay my share and get my share of service. I hate inequal treatment and gambling with what a service tech may do if I do xyz. Then if my rep has had a bad day and I don't get helped and you do and I am not happy. This is not a good way to deal with customers.


    Of course many people abuse accidental replacement policies so apple may be trying to deal with this reality. I could understand that.


    My privately owned local apple chain retailer hates me so I know they won't help me. They have made many mistakes and I have gone over their heads to the owner to get it corrected. He has chewed them out and told me he's looking for a new manager. Maybe I need to just email him when I have a problem, Bc I know they won't try to help me.

  • 1Driver Level 1 (0 points)

    Take it back to Apple. I dropped mine and it was cracked. Mike at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI was so helpful. He replaced the IPad no problem. Apple has a customer for life .

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    did they replace with a new one or a refurbished one.....

  • mikaelfromsaint petersburg Level 1 (0 points)

    I bring my ipad 2 to work and my asst knocked it over and it fell and there are 2 cracks in the glass, brought it the apple store here in tampa and was perfectly honest with them and they told me 349.00 , i thought well it still works not going to invest anymore money in this thing. funny i was just about ready to buy an ipad for a dear friend for his birthday but this put such a bad taste in my mouth. people on this forum talked about apple policy of a one time replacement for the glass well its not true, what a rip off. apple you lost a customer, not that they care .

  • namrita.kachroo Level 1 (0 points)

    Go to this store"ubreakifix" I know it has several branches in Orlando nt sure abt Tampa but you can always talk to them or chk online......they charge way less than apple for sure and provide wonderful service.

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    My Ipad 2 was droped on the ground accidently a few days ago and the screen was cracked. I went to an Apple store for help yesterday and was told to pay $299 for a replacement. It is absolutely ridiculous! Who would pay that much money just for a cracked screen?


    I heard some people got a free replacement but I don't believe it is true. How can Apple treat customers unequally?


    I will never purchase any Apple's products anymore. Bye Apple!

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    I have an iPad2 that cracked down the middle... I left it on the couch... I don't have central heat in air... the heat kicked in... wall furnase kicked in.. when i came in today I have a glass break across the sreen... Its never been dropped...

  • DavidThreet Level 1 (0 points)

    I am done with apple if they dont honor the warranty...

  • DavidThreet Level 1 (0 points)

    If i had dropped it in the floor that would be one thing, but otherwise it rediculaous...

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    I dropped mine 3 nights ago while reading in bed and cracked the screen. I went on-line and found some places that said they could repair my screen. I know if I used them it would void the rest of my AppleCare warrenty. I didn't even bother to check further with them. My iPad2 is very special to me and I don't want anyone but Apple to fix it.  Apple asked for  $425.00 to repair. I was upfront with them, I dropped it and knew it wasn't covered by AppleCare. I asked if they could do any betteron the price. They were very nice and the advisors kept bumping me up the chain. I've been an Apple customer since 1985. To make a long story short, in the end Apple is replacing my iPad2 free of charge. It is a once in a lifetime deal I was told. I was estatic. I have the box they sent to me by FedEx beside me and I'm getting ready to send it to them now.


    Some folks have suggested that if you can go in person to an Apple store you might get the same treatment. It's worth a try. I am a bigger fan of Apple's than ever before.


    Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

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    You are a very lucky man, i also have been a mac owner for a long time but my honest story got me nothing but a 349.00 estimate. and basically told tough luck. so i went on amazon ordered the glass for 57.00 and replaced it myself, thanks apple for nothing. the procedure is easy but just takes patients if you follow the instructions on line. this was my last apple purchase.

  • robertfromjunction city Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree, I'm lucky on this one. I think that's cool you could replace it yourself. I heard it's a delicate procedure. Would you recommend others do the same?

  • mikaelfromsaint petersburg Level 1 (0 points)

    if you have patients i would suggest doing it yourself but be careful. also it helps if you have tinkered around with removing delicate ribbon cables on computers before. i cut hair for a living so its not something i do everyday but did it successfully and dont plan on buying apple products anymore.

  • mikaelfromsaint petersburg Level 1 (0 points)

    also i might add its your respondsibility, i was ready to throw my ipad2 out if i couldnt fix it, i was so mad at them. good luck if you do try it . took me about 2 hours. make sure you have the right tools

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