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    Philly_Phan wrote:


    velogiraptor wrote:


    HBO subscribers are still at the mercy of the programming schedule on their TV.  If they want to catch up on a series, they have to buy the blu ray, or watch it on a mobile screen.  Roku is the only other option besides hooking the PC directly up to the TV.  You want to catch up on, or start watching a show that's not on right now would be the use case.

    You never heard of "On Demand?"

    I'm a TiVo user and don't have access to the provider's On Demand.  Your condescending tone is not at all helpful here.  Someoen asked for the use case of HBO Go on the TV and not on a portable device, this was the answer.

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    Macaby wrote:


    velogiraptor wrote:


    HBO subscribers are still at the mercy of the programming schedule on their TV. 

    Not totally true.  HBO Go runs fine from my MBA via HDMI and I assume probably from any Windows laptop as well (if there is a HDMI output port).  For those with ATV, they can also buy many HBO original series directly.


    For the time being, the HBO Go App (for mobile devices only) does NOT AirPlay.  I for one think HBO Go is a HUGE step forward by HBO to allow theIr PAYING customers to watch HBO on their mobile devices.


    I believe the ONLY reason they are not presently allowing AirPlay is for the threat of theft of services.  IF AirPlay was available, ANYONE with a buddy who supplied their password could get a free ride to watch HBO on the big screen for free. What to you really think that would do to their subscriber list?  As the matter stand right now, those "friend" can get a free ride with a loaned password.


    Unless HBO just wants to throw in the towel or take a chance on view honesty, it seem the only path to AirPlay would be for HBO to register mobile devices just like the banks register computers to allow access.  With only or two devices registered, HBO subscribers are not likely to pass out passwords to buddies.


    I think HBO Go is a great addition to my HBO subscription.    I've seen blogs where people have asked the password so that they can SHARE the account. Don't bother asking for my HBO password.

    So at least in the case of Verizon, HBO Go requires you to log in to your cable provider, so you would have to give your friend access to your email etc. to share access to HBO Go.  If it's a matter of airplay to their TV from your iPad while you're at their house, I fail to see how this is different from if you owned the BluRay or brought your laptop over.


    Yes, you can, if you have a laptop with HDMI out that also sends audio and not just video, watch Go on your TV that way.  It's sub-optimal at best, especially if you just have a desktop or if you have your laptop docked into a nice setup on your desk and just use your iPad on the couch.  Before you ask why have a laptop if it stays on the desk... It consumes less power, takes less space, and isn't as loud.  There are reasons to use a laptop even if it never leaves the desk.


    I'm also not sure why it's not just a standard app on the Apple TV as it is on the Roku.

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    I'm having trouble using HBO GO while my home TV is on and I try to log in on my iPad from another location with my Comcast login. The Comcast login tries to take over my TV at the other location. Is there.a way to watch both at the same time? and to watch different channels?

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    There is far more content on hbo go than on NGO on demand.  On HBO go there is every show and all ir's seasons plus a ton more movies... if I'm remembering correctly.  I do find it frustrating to not be able to watch it on my tv.  Watching on an ipad is great for travel but no ideal for home or like others said "when you want to watch with multiple people.  Supposedely there's a workaround with Comcast.  Comcast has an app but have time warner.

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    So, I have come up against this same wall, trying to play HBOGO content from the iPad or iPhone. Based on Apple's recommendation, I even bought a HDMI cable for the iPhone. Nope, HBO won't allow HDMI play from the iPhone either.


    Question - is anyone playing HBOGO content on their TV via HDMI from a MacBook laptop? I'd consider getting a Mac Mini, wireless mouse & keyboard if this will work.   


    Thanks in advance!



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    MRYFLYGUY wrote:


    Based on Apple's recommendation, I even bought a HDMI cable for the iPhone.

    Where did you see that recommendation?

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    It doesn't work with HBO.Go. However, for $70 or so, you can get a Roku and have a lot more choices available, including HBO.Go.


    Good lick.

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    Unless your cable provider is Comcast, in which case you're stuck with your desktop/laptop or your iOS device. Comcast and HBO are still arguing about this. And meantime, we're left out.

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    It works for me. It comes down to: "Not supported" does not mean "Does not work"


    I have provided the solution in this thread before that I use when I want to watch HBO Go from my iPad in my Home Theater. You can search for me and get my solution, but I went ahead and copied it below.


    Here again is what I do: (Copied from my previous reply)


    "I posted earlier but I didn't give enough details of how it works for me. I watch HOBO GO on my iPad everynight with no problem, plugged into my reciever in my theater room with no extra stuff except the HDMI adapter I got from Apple.


    Here are my steps:


    1. Plug in iPad using the Apple HDMI adapter (which is already attach to my reciever via an HDMI cable)

    2. Launch HBO GO and find what I want to watch on the iPad and make sure iPad view is horizontal.

    3. Close HBO GO using the iPad Home hey

    4. Rotate through input source of my reciever till I get back to my HDMI input (example: my source is HDMI 2. I keep clicking HDMI input till I get back to HDMI 2).

    5. Wait till I can see my iPad desktop on my TV screen

    6. Click HBO GO

    7. BOOM! Audio & Video are on my TV screen. Click play on the iPad and enjoy!


    Works every time! Not supported != Not available.



    HDMI adapter from Apple

    Cheap HDMI cable from Wal-Mart

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1120-K


    Reason Why I do It: My local cable provider does not allow me to view earlier versions of certain series from HBO, but HBO GO seems to have it all."

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    But an Xbox 360

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    I'll give it a try. Thx.

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    This most likely has been fixed in any updates to the HBO GO app. There was an update this week.


    I have tried multiple times and have been unable to get this to work.

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    It must be a strange world you live in where Apple can do or say anything and you just eat it up.  They are big enough to defend themselves, you don't need to wage war.  Every company sometimes fails to realize or utilize ideas that customer need or WANT, many companies best decisions have been made after receiving criticism.  Lets think Netflix's split of their online and dvd services that now has them performing admirably again and their price point has led to a dramatic recovery of lost users and stock price. 


    So with that being said, rather than your dreary comments of "Apple doesn't owe you anything", instead you should be saying, "Send them a support request to add that feature".  Apple isn't infallible and after one has gone out and bought a $499+ piece of equipment it is normal for them to complain if they find a limitation even if it is only a perceived one.


    They shouldn't have to go buy an Xbox, nor should they need to purchase anything.  If they pay for a subscription to HBO and there is an App provided on the Appstore then they should be able to use it as they would any other app.  If they cannot, then the correct solution is to figure out whether HBO or Apple is blocking that ability and find out why.  It could be a bug in the programming that only effects certain generations as some apps had trouble with after each IOS release before being updated, or it could be various other things, but calling the poster a "whiner" isn't constructive and really just makes you look like a fool.


    I have and iPad, iPhone, XBOX, Wii, two computers, and a laptop, but it is not convenient to run an HDMI cable, so I bought a Google Tv addon (Vizio Co-Star) and through that I can stream wirelessly.  So on my laptop I boot up HBO.Go, then I simply stream it to my Google TV Box.  That is one solution, the other is to use third party programs that will open up streaming of content, so rather than using the HBO.Go app one can simply download Chrome, go to the website, and stream it from there using third party methods.  (Yes I realize this means one would need to jailbreak their device).  But in the instance where one cannot get a device they own and bought wih their own money to function in the fashion they desire it to they have no other alternative.  The Supreme Court said jailbreaking was fine, so there it is.  If Apple wants to stop third party hacks and apps they should be working to appease the consumer, rather than pushing them to various other systems.


    A friend of mine who has always been a huge Apple fanatic recently switched to an Android phone because of the lack of jailbreak on IOS 6 because for his job many of the things he needs he cannot get through the app store such as SBSettings where he can setup his home screen to display his meetings and client lists, etc.. 


    But sure, tell me how Apple saved your life during a hurricane and how great they are at everything and while you do the rest of us non-sheep will continue to either find products that work how we want them to OR we'll use other methods to make them work the way we want them to.

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    I haven't had time to read through the entire thread here.  My wife wants to catch up to me on Boardwalk Empire upstairs while I work on our iPhoto library on the Macbook Pro downstairs.  Since we didn't DVR it, she has to watch it via HBO GO.


    Does DirecTV allow me to do that through my Roku on my TV? No.


    Through Airplay to my TV from my iPad or iPhone?  No. 


    Through an HDMI cable from my Macbook to my TV?  For some reason, yes.  But I can't work on the computer downstairs while my wife is watchi


    For whatever reason, the cable providers and/or HBO are deliberately limiting how HBO content can be distributed to us, and it's shameful.  This is not a technical issue and it's wrong of them to vaguely claim "not supported" in the hopes that we will think it's a technical issue when it's purely an issue of money in one way or another. 


    We as consumers need to find a way to band together. There are so many wonderful ways for content providers to distribute their content to us these days and yet, not only do they not leverage them, THEY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to prevent us from taking advantage of the available content distribution technology.  I repeat, it's shameful. 

    Maybe through social networking we can take control and fix this problem.  We as consumers need to leverage technology ourselves to take away the power from these owners and distributors of content that clearly don't know what they are doing and/or don't care about their consumers.  If we band together we can hit them in the only place they care about:  Their wallets.


    For now, my wife is watching Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 3 IN FRONT OF THE TV but on the iPad.  It's silly and ridiculous.

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    >>> Does DirecTV allow me to do that through my Roku on my TV? No. <<<


    I'm not sure what DirectTV has to do with what you stream through you Roku box, but I too have a Roku and have no problems streaming HBO.Go to my TV from the Roku. I also have a Samsung SmartTV; it too allows me to steam HBO.Go directly to the TV.


    So there are other options, but I agree with you, what Aple is doing in limiting what can be streamed through the AppleTV box is shameful. I blame Apple, because HBO.Go, Amazon Videos, Epix, Crackle, etc., are all available on the Roku. The only redeeming factor is that both the Roku and the AppleTV are relatively inexpensive, so getting both of them is not prohibitive.

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