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    Get a $49 Roku and you can stream HBO Go beautifully in full-screen on your TV.

  • walterfromroanoke Level 1 (0 points)

    A Roku player will not work for him.  Directv does not support Hbo Go on the Roku, though it does on the iPad. . Time Warner doesn't Support hbo go at all

  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)

    Some cable providers are not allowing this. I just bought the newest ROKU, then learned to my dismay that Comcast is not allowing HBO GO to stream to ROKU at this time . I sent an email to Comcast and got back a "we're working on it" but with no promised date. So check with your cable provider to see if that's the problem.

  • Macaby Level 3 (910 points)

    It sounds like HBO is working on this problem.  I suspect the reason it doesn't work at this time is the fear of more thievery of HBO content.  It is very easy to give a friend your password and then they can enjoy HBO content at another location without paying for it. As it stand right now, there is nothing to prevent theft from mobile devices.  I guess HBO thinks if they can't stream it to a big flat screen, it will cut down on people "sharing" HBO.


    I am an HBO customer and do have a valid reason to stream some of their content to my flat screen.  One of their series shows is not presently available on the normal HBO outlet (for me, Directv).  However, I can view the shows on my computer/iPad/iPhone.  I tried Airplay yesterday and it didn't work (sound only). I then tried it with my iPad to HDMI dongle and it also didn't work.  However, text appeared on my flat screen stating that HBO didn't allow their content to play via an HDMI connection.


    Disregarding all of the above, there is a way to watch HBOGO on a flat screen via HDMI.  Just use a laptop instead that has a HDMI output.  This method works fine with my new MacAir 11" that I bought last month and no jail breaking or hacking.


    PITA though swapping out my HDMI cables.  My set has 4 which are all populated. Now if I just had one more open HDMI port, it would be great.  You can never have too many.

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    Would you 2 be so kind as to cease the banter about Jailbreaking and supporting it directly or indirectly here in the forum. It is not only spamming the rest of the followers of this dicussion but is also distracting from the original issue of finding ways to make the HBO Go app work.


    Now back to the core discussion...


    My understanding of how this App works with HDCP since my original response to this discussion last year has improved. My suspecion is that in order to provide their content over the app HBO enabled HDCP so as not to allow someone to digitally copy any of the content from your streaming device. There are SOME ways to get around this on a computer (mac or PC) but neither of those ways are gernane to this conversation.



    Although I disagree with their approach of limiting viewing of their content to either an iOS device or web browser I do understand why they did so. My suggestion to HBO and other content providers whom are following HBO's lead is to consider making some sort of Apple TV app similar to what we have in netflix. This should utilize the same web authentication process that the app does and stream it directly to our TVs. You can there for main tain your HDCP continuity and still allow your growing customer base increased access to your content library.


    Thoughts anyone?


    As Apple and other companies do take note of these forums I would suggest as much constructive critizism as possible so that we can reap a far better product from them.

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    Who died and annointed you moderator?

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    I'm confused. I can't export HBOGO to TV using the Apple iPad-to-3RCA-connectors cable. This set up only provides standard def, not HDMI, so although the message is "...not support HDMI at this time...", I assumed it was really all exporting that was prohibited. As I look at the MacAir, it doesn't have a real HDMI port, just USB and thunderbolt. So what port did you use?

  • Macaby Level 3 (910 points)

    For the iPad you need one of these.,..



    Works for me...


    For the MBA and also the MBP, you need one of these...



    This cable plugs into the Thunderbolt port.


    And of course, you'll need a HDMI cable to plug into these dongles.

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    Roku is not an option for Directv customers either. Directv only allows HBO Go via web or IOS app. I guess it is because they want you to buy their $150 streaming device called the Nomad. The thing is it does less than any of the other devices and cost twice as much.


    I will stick with using my MBP to play HBO Go on my TV.

  • Macaby Level 3 (910 points)

    Truxman wrote:


    I will stick with using my MBP to play HBO Go on my TV.

    And why not?  It does a pretty good job with the equipment on hand (if you have the right cabling and an open HDMI port.


    Since you have to subscribe to HBO in order to use HBOGO (legally), I personally don't see a big demand for HBOGO except for the option of looking at either past shows that are currently not on air or while traveling  when you're away from your home subscription. 


    I would prefer to Airplay it from my iPad, but until HBO allows the audio via Airplay, it's a fairly simple hookup to my spare HDMI cable.  Most of the time I used HBOGO, I just watch it on my MBA or iPad.  Almost never on my IP as the screen size is just too small with the other options.

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    @cmshep222 - Thanks for the workaround!

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    Ok first and foremost I've been wanting to get Apple TV for quite some time mainly because I'd like to stream HBO Go to my TV. In fact I went to the Apple Store yesterday and was ready to buy it because the sales guy told me that you could most definitely use Airplay to watch HBO Go through Apple TV. I was told a few days ago that it didn't work up until the IOS 5.1 was rolled out but that the problem had been solved with the update. So there I am box in hand ready to buy it and the sales guy decides to test it to show me, low and behold it didn't work. I have the HDMI connector and it doesn't work that way either. I personally don't want to spend time messing around with the connection, because I shouldn't have to "It just works" remember? So I understand that there are licensing and piracy issues, but seriously I pay for HBO through AT&T Uverse, I have the HBO Go app, I'll have paid for Apple TV 3 as well as the I Pad 2 so why shouldn't I get what I paid for? People ask why, well I'll tell you, HBO On Demand *****, that's why. It has a very limited selection of what HBO has to offer in real time and doesn't have half the library that HBO Go has. I'd love it if it did and we wouldn't be having this conversation, but HBO decided to limit what they put on HBO On Demand and offer up HBO Go as an alternative. Well since they decided to do it then do it correctly so I can watch it on my TV. Ok enough griping, let's get to a solution, it's a pretty easy one to grasp. Just like Rhapsody or ITunes set up HBO Go so you have to authorize a certain number of devices to use it. For instance Rhapsody gives you the ability to authorize 1 mobile device with their standard membership but you can upgrade that by paying $5 extra per month. Simply set up HBO Go so you have to register and authorize devices that you can view the App on. Either that or have them tie it into your Apple ID so they have some way of regulating it and have the peace of mind that only HBO Subscribers are viewing rather than someone that isn't paying for it. This also goes for Max on the GO and any other potential cable networks that are worried about piracy. I'm not trying to get anything for free, I just want to maximize what I'm actually paying for. There isn't anything wrong with that. I feel wierd sitting in my house watching HBO Go on my I Pad when a large TV is right in front of me so please HBO and Apple, put your heads and billions of dollars of our hard earned money together and figure this situation out.


    P.S. Watching HBO Go on the go isn't as easy as I'd like to be, because most WiFi connections in hotels and airports suck for streaming anything, so the main place I would watch it would be at home where i have a great WiFi connection so I'd like to be able to watch it on my TV.

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    Swyhart54 wrote:


    P.S. Watching HBO Go on the go isn't as easy as I'd like to be, because most WiFi connections in hotels and airports suck for streaming anything, so the main place I would watch it would be at home where i have a great WiFi connection so I'd like to be able to watch it on my TV.

    First, a LONG rant without paragraph breaks is very hard for my eyes to stay on the right line.  I've very confused about your statement that you want to watch HBO Go on your TV.  I say you subscribe to UVerse where you pay for HBO service.  Most people plumb that right into their HD TVs, but for some reason you want to stream another route (UVerse to HBO to your router to your computer to your TV). 


    At this time, HBO doesn't allow streaming of their HBO Go.  There is supposed to be a fix coming that allows this.  I suspect the reason it's not allow now is because of the threat of stealing HBO content.  IF they allowed it, all a person would need would be a friend who supplied the HBO password and all who had the password would enjoy free HBO service. 


    I watch my HBO the way it was meant to be watched (in my case, DirecTV to my HD receiver.  And yes, if I'm on the go outside of my home, I can watch it on my iPad, my laptop or my iPhone.  Yes, I would prefer to be able to "HDMI" it to a flat screen in a hotel room that had a HDMI port, but if not, I'll settle for my mobile device.


    So what really is your rant?

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    I don't know what the difference is between the ATV2 and the ATV3.  However, I just did a test on my ATV2 connected to my latest model MBA and HBO Go plays fine on my Samsung via a HDMI hookup.

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    Why don't you plug the cable right into your TV?

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