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How do I get rid of repeating email messages that have previously been deleted? My 3G phone crashes, then 10,000 previously deleted email messages come up and when I delete these, they come up yet again. ATT wants me to buy a service plan to tell me. I suspect they cause this so they can charge me for this.

Why does this happen?

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    I have the same problem.  However, when I delete the old messages from the server via Hotmail on my computer, they no longer trek back on to my IP.

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    I have tried ATT online but they show no place to control, delete my emails. Are you saying that it is where your initial email starts?

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    Try deleting the eMails, wait until the activity indicator stops spinning, then push the home button.


    Re-open the Mail app, then wait for the activity indicator to stop spinning. Now push the home button, then double tap it, and kill the Mail app from the SpringBoard. Now re-open the Mail app one more time. This SHOULD fix the issue, theoretically.

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    As I mentioned after I called ATT my iphone carrier and they wanted to charge me — but not tell me whether or not they could fix this problem, I said no. I called Apple and they said that I had to sign up and pay for Apple Support and then they would answer my question. I said No.

    Here is what I did to fix this problem. I went to my original service which was centurylink, signed into my email account and there were more than 10,000 emails that had been sitting there. I deleted them, took some time to do but deleted them all, but it finally got rid of the emails that were bouncing to my iphone and reloading repeatedly.

    What I did not realize was that periodically I have to go into this account and delete and then they won't load onto my iphone repeatedly and I won't be charged for them to only temporarily fix my problem and not tell me how to do this.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    If the emails are not being deleted from the actual email account when you delete them on your device, then you need to edit your email settings.


    There should be no need to log into your email account via the web interface to delete messages you've already deleted on the device.


    As for your other comments, unless AT&T is your email provider, it's not their problem or responsibility to tell you how to configure your device.  If you are calling them during normal customer support hours, they would not charge you.


    If you call Apple outside of the normal warranty coverage, then they have every right to charge you.


    If your email account supports IMAP, reconfigure the account on your device for IMAP and that will permanently resolve your issue.

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    This is the second time this has happened where I suddenly received the same emails over 9,000 or more and they reload over and over once I had deleted them. Now that I know ATT will ask me to pay them and they maybe can fix a prob, I won't call them first. And I have never found anywhere that I can delete these emails that come back and repeatedly reload — except today by me discovering that I can go to where my emails originate and load onto my other various devices — and delete those emails. Which is what someone did when I called before and they admitted that it was a problem on their end that must have happened in their system.

    Today I solved my problem. And I didn't have to pay Apple to do a temporary fix, which will come back in a few months, never tell me what they did and never tell me how to fix it myself. It was so that they can charge me to do a temporary fix and I would not use that paid service for anything else until this happened again. There is no such thing as an IMAP on anything that I use.

    I found the origination of the problem and I fixed it.

    This problem needs to be fixed on iphones in updates or it will happen to others.

    By the way, it only happens on my iphone, not my mac tower, G5, Mac laptop or other mac devices that I own. Just on my iphone, several times. But now I know.

    It seems to me if you want to have good customer services at apple, they would admit to their defects and offer to fix them, not come up with we will charge you and then determine if we can fix them.

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    Well, if it were an iOS problem, Apple would fix it.

    The way you've described it, the issue is either with your email provider or with the way your email account is configured on your device.


    Either way, it's not Apple's problem.


    Unless you can be more specific about what you did to fix the problem, there's no point in taking this further.  If you can provide specific details and proof of it being an iOS problem, you can submit it as a bug to Apple.

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    I must say that since the last update I too have had old emails coming back after restarts (not always though).


    But I logged into my email via the web (I can access it via web, POP, or IMAP) and deleted most of the messages.

    So far it hasn't happened again, but if it does it won't reload 70 odd emails to my phone.


    I can only suggest you see if you can find a way to log into your mail with another device and delete emails.

    And also post a note to apple: