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how do i delete duplicate photos on ipod touch?

iPod touch
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (94,465 points)

    Are you sure that there are duplicate photos?


    Or are you simply referring to the fact that you have a Photo library folder and then your folders.  In this case there are not duplicate photos, simply two way to access the same photos.

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    yes, they are side by side in the all pics area... i am able to delete from saved pics, but nothing else.. thank u so much for responding!

  • roaminggnome Level 10 (94,465 points)

    You cannot delete pics synced to the ipod from the ipod.  you have to use the sync process.


    Try un-checking the folders and syncing.  This should delete all the photos.  Then go back and select them again.



    As an aside, you need to be importing the pics taken with/saved from the ipod to your computer on a regular basis as you would from any digital camera.

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    I have to weigh in on this - and my userhandle says it all regarding my competence with any Apple products - But I followed your steps and still have duplicates of about 10 of my 70 or so photos that I want on the Touch.  I even deleted something called "iPod Photo Cache" that iTunes(or the Touch itself) created in the folder where my photos came from.


    I then resynced from that folder and the same 10 photos appeared twice - in slide show and in the library thumbnails.  I can say with authority that they are definitely on there twice and I want the duplicates OFF.


    Please Help!  I am completely illiterate to navigating around i-Devices and liken them to a car that doesn't use a steering wheel to steer.  I need step by step instructions that can be made a sticky here.