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I have always kept a copy of my home folder on the right side of the Divider, Now when I drag it over there in a few seconds it trashes itself?

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    Where are you dragging it from?


    If you're trying to drag from the sidebar of a Finder window, that won't work.


    You've actually got to navigate to its location in the Finder and drag it from there.



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    I go to the HD Im booted from Macintosh HD then to Users/myusername/Username home-directory.. So Im at the "real Place"  But the Home Folder just disappears after about 20 seconds in the Dock. Weird


    I thought maybe a bug? or a new rule I was unaware of since the last update?

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    The other thing to keep in mind is that your stuff can only be placed in the Dock on the far right side of the Dock down by the Trash.


    There's a litte dividing line there.


    Could that be your problem.



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    It's not a bug I've ever seen or heard of.  Could be a corrupt Dock preferences file...  try trashing the following files (where '~' means "your user folder"):





    Then log out and log back in.  Your Dock will have reverted to the defaults, so set it back up the way you had it and see if it fixes the problem.

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    I did as you suggested, It was really neat see just the Vanilla setup from Apple. Then in front of my eyes 2 of the folders Apple supplies were removed! What could be going on. I also noticed that the Delete button on my Window is gone from any window I open. I reinstalled the OS then updated to the present version all seems well except for this anomaly..


    Im going to boot from another drive and see if all is well over there...

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    the Home Folder just disappears after about 20 seconds in the Dock.

    Are you using MobileMe? If so, is it set to automatically sync "Dock items"?

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    I was thinking it might be that so I just disabled that and We'll see what happens

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    Well it just deleted it when I tried again. I didn't reboot though...

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    Take a look at this recent similar thread:

    How to stop application folder form disappearing from the dock


    I don't really understand why the solution given there worked, whereas just disabling the Dock syncing didn't, and I also don't understand the role of iSync.app, since I believe this app is no longer used for computer-computer syncing.


    Take a look also at this Apple support article:

    MobileMe: How to reset sync data

    I don't know if this does the same thing as the iSync procedure.


    Anyway, you might try the iSync method first, since it worked in the other thread. Some additional Googling first might be helpful. Be sure everything is backed up in any event.

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    Resetting the Sync Data did the trick. I mistakkenly thought I had to re install the OS as music would not play ... though it played for the external??


    So I finally saw AFTER the reinstall that I had Shut off the output when I turned on the Apple TV and forgot I had done so....


    What a debacle. Growing Old is such fun... 61 this year.  LOL  What will 70 be like? Umm I forgot how to turn it on.....