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So I think I'm leaning towards the 15" Macbook Pro and found a great deal on Amazon!


I noticed it ships with the 500GB 7200RPM HD and was wondering if I would notice any noise or any movement if I were to place my hand on it.


I figure since it's the 15", maybe I wouldn't notice it? That it's spread out over a larger surface?


Is it really that fast over the 5400 HD?


*What about battery life?

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    Hi S,


    Things that spin faster are more difficult to keep balanced and quiet in comparison to the same things which spin slower. Thus it is very possible that a 7200 would make more noise, have more vibration, and use more battery while doing it.

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    I put a drive like that in my last MBP and it worked great. Was real quit and no effect on battery life that I could notice. Check Barefeats.com for speed comparisons.  






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