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The other night I had my phone plugged in to charge and I kept hearing it turn on and off. I woke up and took it off the charger and all it displayed was the flashing red battery with the charging lightening bolt.



Now it will not connect, hold a charge or turn on. iTunes doesn't recognize it, I've left it plugged in for hours and nothing changes. I can't reset it by holding the home and lock buttons down. I've tried leaving it plugged in and restarting my computer but nothing will power it on. I've tried my wall charger, car charger and MacBook Pro but nothing will get it to turn on. Any help would be fantastic!

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    I had this issue with my first black iPhone 4. I ended up having to let it die completely. where I couldn't even get the red battery/lightning screen. Then letting it re-charge. I actually had a vibrating issue that went along with it. But after that it worked. Really weird

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    Took it to the Apple store yesterday and they were unable to fix it, they replaced it for free and I was able to restore it and didn't lose any of my data. Weird glitch but glad I was able to get a new phone!

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    A solution I found else where is to:

    • Connect the iPhone to your computer, Itunes wont acknowlege the phone at this stage.



    • iTunes will now recognise the iPhone in DFU mode, giving you the option to factory reset the device with the latest iOS update


    This happened to me yesterday while using an iPhone 4 I purchased a year ago that was running iOS 4.1. At the time of writing the latest iOS is 5.0.1 which my phone is running fine with no further issues. Of course if you dont have your data backed up you stand to lose some stuff, but the phone will run fine and iCloud which comes with iOS 5 will prevent future data loss. Hope this saves someone some time searching the internet or a trip to their local apple shop.