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I am panning click hard left and loop hard right, but I can hear a little bit of click in the right output.  I have looked through forums and the manual and didn't find any answers.  Any help would be appreciated on how to pan something 100% to the left or right output.  And if this is any easy answer (which it seems like it should be), I don't mean to waste anyone's time....

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.3.2, Logic Pro 8
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    how are you monitoring this? Perhaps there is crosstalk in your monitors?

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    I have done it through PA, and in ears running straight out of my laptop.  There was bleed over in both....

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    If you pan them the opposite way is it the same? And do you hear the loop on the click side as well? This really should work just the way you have done it.

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    Here's a workaround. Go to the metronome settings and disable the software click. Set up a MIDI metronome (on the same page) and in the environment, cable the metronome object to the software instrument of your choice. (I use an exs24 with a nice side stick sample) It will pan just fine.

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    Thank you for getting back to me so quick.  This is my first forum and I think I like it.


    I have tried all of that though.  I made my own click sound that I designed in exs24 and it was bleeding over.  I've panned to opposite sides.  I've tried sound on audio and software tracks.  I'm referencing it right now on a set of ears plugged directly in to my Macbook Pro. 


    Do you know of a global setting that I've passed over.  It doesn't seem like it should do this, seems more software related to me. 


    But, please, let me know any other ideas you might have.   Thank you.

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    Is it just the metronome sound or is everything bleeding left and right? This is crazy to have to try all this. I'm quite baffled. How about trying a stereo exs24 and panning the sound internally in  the exs editor?

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    Thank you for the response.  Everything is bleeding, not just one signal.  That was a good idea trying to pan it in exs24, but I still had the problem. 


    I may try and re-install the software at this point.  I was trying to avoid doing that...

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    This is all on Mac's internal audio hardware? No audio interface?

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    Yup.  All Mac internal audio hardware.

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    Well, I shut off my audio interface and I have a tiny bit of crosstalk between left and right on my home G4MMD's internal audio hrdwr. I'll try it later on my main rig at the studio. I think the Mac internal audio is the problem. Perhaps you might put up another post asking other forum members to see if theirs is the same. May be time for a real audio interface?

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    Hello, Ive been experrimenting with this issue for the last 2 days and it is definitely a MAC Internal audio issue.

    I have a MOTU 896 and was bouncing down a stereo file with a click hard left and samples hard right for use with drummer and PA via playback through my iPod. No issue when using the MOTU but as soon as it goes into iTunes then bleeding from right to left and vice versa.

    This means that every single track of music that I listen to in iTunes is not actually a true representation of that song. A serious issue for most of us i reckon.

    I cannot believe this issueis unresolved from what seems as far back as 2005 on some forums! The only option I have is to bounce 2 mono tracks into iTunes and use 3rd party software from the App store to pan left and right and hope that works.

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    Straw Bear wrote:


    Hello, Ive been experrimenting with this issue for the last 2 days and it is definitely a MAC Internal audio issue.


    Two things...


    1. On the internal audio... make sure are ALL input levels are set to zero.


    2. You can't expect much more from a $2 imbedded audio chip. The circuitry is so close together if the motherboard is not top quality multi-layered you will get crosstalk. Not only that, have you checked out the noise level on the inputs?


    General thoughts... (not aimed at anyone)


    I've always been amazed that someone would spend $500 on Logic and then try to use it with a $2.00 audio system. It's like a slap in the face to Logic.


    This was somewhat better on the PPC G5's that used Texeas Instruments audio.



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    Pancenter is right, it would be more surprising if it didn't bleed a bit with all those tiny chips and wires so close together.

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    I've also experienced this same problem with Logic Pro 9. Does not matter what interface you are using because it also happens with internal software instruments. I have tried regular panning, the direction mixer plugin, creating a mono output left track, and still have the same problem. No spread on the output track. Even tried removing all plugins on the output track and it still happens. It can be heard inside of Logic even before bouncing it.


    I have given up looking for a solution because apparently there is none.

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