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    I'm in exactly the same boat. I've got a brand new top spec laptop. I've contacted apple support but all they could recommend was uninstalling and downloading itunes again. Really starting to get fed up, I've got £100s worth of iTunes videos and can't watch any of them.

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    Under Win 8 x64, to watch GameOfThrones 1080p from iTunes runs my i3 3225 CPU at 100% and runs my i5 3550 at 85%, with itunes(32bit) app + decrypt_track(32 bit) + "system" at 30% each. Watching a non-drm 1080p video is under 5% on i3. I would suggest Apple might update their itunes software for 64 bit platforms and/or remove drm.

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    Yes, yes, yes!  Come on Apple we REALLY have tried to be loyal, but when iTunes movies ONLY play on every other system BUT Apple 'loyalty' is DIFFICULT to maintain.  Many thaks in anticipation.

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    Hello Apple?  Are you listening?


    Brand new Windows 8 I3 laptop, all drivers up to date, latest version of itunes, computer audio and itunes preferences the same audio setting (16bit, 44.1khz).....

    Both movies I bought for a trip had audio lag just as stated in multiple posts here.  My wife bought 2 other movies through B&N Nook and they played perfectly....guess where my money is going in the future?



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    I just discovered another iTunes audio/video sync issue that I had fix. If anyone has PowerDVD and Malwarebytes installed and you're experiencing the iTunes sync issue then you'll need to uncheck Malwarebytes "Website Blocking" feature by right clicking Malwarebytes in the task bar and unchecking it.

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    this did not help me...ugh any other suggestions?

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    Use quicktime. Solves off apple web site

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    My Quicktime stopped working as well; the time moves but I get no picture and no sound.  And every time I try it says I have to login to iTunes to view purchased content (which it is), which I do and then I just get a message telling me this computer is already authorised.

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    You need your itune page open with your downloaded video and your quicktime icon close by.  Then highlight your itunevideo and drag into quicktime and then watch.

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    Thanks to Mr Me I was able to solve this problem on a Windows 7 Pro x64 PC and their when I called technicall support they tol'd me to just redownload The Dark Knight Rises which I did and, the audio lag was not their so thank you once again Mr Me you've made my day unlike apple customer support people who outside the technical department probably don't know anything tech and are just their to pick up the phone.

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    SO none of the fixes work. Had this problem with Itunes and Quicktime. Audio and video start out in sync then always get worse. Have resorted to trying to find a free virus free converter so I can just watch them on a thumb drive on my TV but Apple blocks everything but their music. NO luck so far no converters are free. If you own Apple stock I would sell these guys lack business sense when it comes to maintaining customers why can't such a obvious problem be addressed its like they make crap PC compatable software so you just buy Apple products once you get angry after they never work right. Anyways if someone comes up with a better fix thats not a duct tape job let me know.

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    I'd like add my two cents: I found this Apple link that discusses video/audio sync issues with iTunes.



    Rented an iTunes movies and had the sync issues noted here. I tried adjusting all sorts of audio settings. Go down far enough and this link is telling you to disable Direct3D video acceleration in Quicktime for Windows Vista or Windows 7. The next suggestion is to Disable DirectX in QuickTime for Windows Vista or Windows 7. It tells you how to get to the QuickTime preferences.


    Apple says they are going to refund my rental price... still waiting for that but am sure it will happen. Now my problem is that I don't want to rent another iTunes movie to try the above.... it might not work and am not sure if I can get my money back again.


    So anyone care to try this - and let us know if it works?

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    Worked for me! Thanks.

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    Well I don't want to get ahead of myself, and I haven't knowingly done anything, but at present my audio/video seems to be in sync.


    That said, I still can't view anything on Quicktime.