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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,670 points)

    Rosselli wrote:


    My computer hasn't crashed, but my external hard drive that I store iTunes media on has gone funny on me, corrupting some of the files. I deleted the corrupted files but it still says that they are "downloaded" when I try to re-download them in the Purchased section of the iTunes store. Does anyone know how I can make it so iTunes will know that the files are no longer in my library?

    You have to delete the songs from iTunes, not simply from the hard drive.

    If they are still showing as Downloaded, quit iTunes and restart it.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,670 points)

    Stokestack wrote:


    thomas197 wrote:


    on the left side, under "Quick Links", is an option called "Purchased"

    from there you should be able to navigate your way around and re-download purchased itunes assets


    This is no longer the layout.

    Actually it is still the same layout it was.

    thomas197 mistakenly wrote, "left side, under "Quick Links", is an option called "Purchased""

    when he should have written Right side under Quick links.

  • Marc Aaron Level 1 (0 points)

    Sadly, the proposed soluion here simply will not work under any circumstances.  I can see the long that were 'lost' along with my iPod but, with the pod now safely back ihands but mising songs, I'm not allowed to restore them.  in the help section for this topic I make it all the way to the list of songs that have previously been purchased but NONE of them can be dragged and dropped anywhere.  There's nothing more than a simple, annoying-as-**** grabyed out (disabled) icon that says "download"


    Iam becoming less and less of an Apple each days because of having to deal with this stuff.


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    "but NONE of them can be dragged and dropped anywhere.  There's nothing more than a simple, annoying-as-**** grabyed out (disabled) icon that says "download""


    Why are you trying  to drag them anywhere?

    Tap the cloud icon to download it.

  • Jon Mitchell Level 1 (0 points)

    This is another possible solution

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    When I click "Purchased" link then I see Apps and Books but Music is not in that list... My daughter removed music from iTunes =/ My .m4a files exist but when I dragged it back to iTunes and choose Purchased in option for source in iTunes DJ it says I don't have any music to play because I don't bought any...


    Is there any solution for that? When I get info about the file I see "Purchased by: Balazs Nadasdi" so why can't iTunes recognize this file as my bought music?

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    I did that but it says that my computer is not authorized and that i must authorize my computer to redownload my previous purchases

  • BigGee42 Level 1 (115 points)

    Then go do that.


    Go to the store menu and select "Authorize Computer".

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    THANK YOUUUUUUU so much!!!

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    Thanks BigGee42 this worked for me!!

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    Resurecting an old post..


    I'm in the middle of this, too and just deleted my itunes so I could download it again and when I did the 501 songs it showed before as Purchased are gone and not shown in that tab!? Any ideas why it's not showing the songs I've purchased? (it is actually showing 119 of them..these were all fairly recent purchases)

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    does anyone know how to download the sd version of a video instead of teh HD version so it can be viewed on on a computer that is not HDCP ?

  • BigGee42 Level 1 (115 points)

    I'm going to assume you're referring to video from the iTunes store.


    The first option is to actually select the SD version in the store and only buy / rent that.


    If that's not so easy or you want to buy the HD versions so you get both HD & SD (which you do) you can force iTunes to download the SD version.


    Open iTunes and go to Preferences.

    Select the "Playback" tab.


    There's an option in here for Preferred Video Version. Select Standard Definition.


    Now, any videos you buy or rent from iTunes will download the SD version by default. You should see this in the details for the video. It will tell you which version will be downloaded.

  • BigGee42 Level 1 (115 points)

    Did you purchase the rest using a different apple ID / iTunes account?


    Check the missing songs are still available on the store. It's possible they're no longer available.

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    Thank you man, you saved my marriage party. I confirm that this works with the iTunes v11.1.3(8) on OS X Mavericks.