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Hello all.


I am now using the new iPad 2, and with it, the discontinuation of the Keyboard Dock for iPad ("incompatible" with the iPad 2 anyway)


We were "advice" to use the Apple Wireless Keyboard instead.  Some visible customized keys are definitely missing - Home and Lock keys. 


But we use the 'Home' key/button quite frequently, is there a way to "mimic" or "map" the 'Home' button key to the Apple Wireless Keyboard?


I would think that now that we are "encourage" to use it, there are some empty Fn keys on the keyboard - F5 and F6, maybe future iOS updates can allow us to do that?


Thanks and cheers

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    As of right now I haven't found a way to do some keyboard short-cuts on the iPad. All we can do is pray that they show up in iOS updates, fingers crossed. Hope this is helpful.

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    When using the apple wireless keyboard in conjuction with the ncase orgami iPad stand (in portrait mode) it is very hard to reach the home button on the iPad.  Seems like bad design from all aspects. Not something Apple is known for.

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    I use the ZaggFolio case/keyboard. It works beautifully. You might want to give it a look.

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    It does... and it has a home button...  But I already spent my money at the Apple store; and I want an Apple solution.  All I want is to know what keys I can press to simulate the home key.  The f3 key would be a perfect solution, if I could map it accordingly.


    I appologize if I am coming off as rude; but I don't see how your suggestion helps my current problem other than to give Apple yet another excuse to ignore this problem.

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    You will note, I was not replying to you.

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    I have an IconiaTab Acer (AKOOLB) Bluetooth Keyboard paired with the iPad 3 and this keyboard comes with a HOME inplace of the COMMAND key if you were using a Mac Keyboard and the thing is that this HOME key really does bring you to the HOME screen in the iPad 3 and also if you double press this HOME key it shows you the apps in the dock of the iPad 3. This IconiaTab keyboard also have a SEARCH key inplace of the F2 key and when you press that key it moves you to the SEARCH screen in the iPad 3. The ALT key in this IconiaTab keyboard also does the same functions of the ALT/OPTION key in a Mac keyboard.


    I also have a Mac Keyboard paired with this iPad 3 and the question is...


    How can we re-map the unused keys in the MAC keyboard to go to HOME, SEARCH, Lock the iPad or even invoke the Camera from a single keyboard key?


    It seems that it all depends on the keyboard mapping but how can we re-map the MAC keyboard's un-used keys to access the iPad extra functions? Why does a non-apple keyboard is able to map the HOME key to the HOME button in the iPad but a MAC keyboard does not?

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    I know right, how can an Apple keyboard not be compatible with Apple "It just doesn't work" how can Logitech other companies make Apple keyboard layouts "That just work"with Apple products. Now, I am a big Apple fan but I do love Logitech's solar lineup.