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I bought a New iPad2 during the weekend. Upon connecting to my PC which has iTunes 10 installed, it threw error and asked for upgrade iOS, in the process it crashed the system and requested to Restore (factory default). Now for Restore, it requires to download 614.8 Mb of iPad Software Update. If for some reason, the network is not reachable, it throws error and again i have to start restore option which in turn starts downloading the iPad Software Update from start. It is pathetic, i never expected Apple products to work in this fashion.


Could you provide any solution to this?



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    1. To get out of this problem, download the update separately from one of the links on this page (the links go directly to Apple servers




    You will see that there are 3 versions for the iPad 2 - make sure you pick the one that matches yours. Note that iPad 2.2 is the version for *all* 3G iPads, not just ATT. The file extension is .ipsw


    Connect the iPad. When iTunes opens, instead of clicking the Restore or Update buttons, shift-click (Windows) or alt-click (Mac). You get a dialog which will allow you to choose the update file you downloaded. You can then run the update


    2. For the future - if you see the message that there is an update available, it is *not* compulsory to accept it. You can cancel, or download only (ie. update later). What you should have done this time is cancelled, and let your iTunes create a backup. That's not a criticism of you - you didn't know - but just something that might help in the future

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    It might be less confusing to folks to say that the 2,2 is for GSM iPads and 2,3 is for CDMA iPads. Both are considered G3.

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    That usually what happens.


    Updating Apple Product is really a pain if you do it on iTunes.


    Follow these steps to get that fixed.


    1. Download Latest iPad Firmware here. http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/

    2. Make Sure Your Computer is Connected to the Internet.

    3. Plug in Your iPad and wait for it to be recognized by your Computer

    4. On the Summary Page of iPad Click Shift + Restore and then Locate the iPod IPSW you downloaded

    5. Wait for it to boot up.



    If you followed the steps properly that should fix the problem.


    Its better to do it this way because it would not interrupt the updating or restoring of the OS.



    Goodluck with that.     

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    Is there a reason that you come along and repeat the identical advice that someone else has already given?

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    First of all thxs to all the quick replies. I got to know what i need to do.


    However, I got following two links from which i can download the IPSW files.




    I am confused as to which is the official Apple link to download?


    Just to reiterate, i bought the iPAD 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G features in INDIA. Therefore there shall be no relation of AT&T. I am downloading the iPad 2,2 IPSW file, but while download it shows following link: http://appldnld.apple.com/iPhone/041-0664.20110414.39vUS/iPad2,2_4.3.2_8H7_Resto re.ipsw


    In above, it is mentioned iPhone which is confusing? dose it mean iPhone and iPad2 files are same? or is it a typo?


    Once the download and restore is complete, i should be able to use GSM Services from Providers in INDIA.

    Many thxs once again. Should any of our friends clear my douts, would be of great help.



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    You want this one



    http://appldnld.apple.com/iPhone4/041-0664.20110414.39vUS/iPad2,2_4.3.2_8H7_Rest ore.ipsw


    This is for the 3G GSM iPad 2. The names are confusing, but both those sites have proved trustworthy for me in the past

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    I'd just like to point out that my experience updating via iTunes has been 100% trouble free, going way back to the original iPhone. This is true of most people - out of the millions of owners, very few encounter problems.


    Mostly, when people do have trouble it's for 3 reasons:


    1. An unreliable Internet connection

    2. Anti-virus or firewall over which they have no control r which they don't fully understand

    3. Too much of a hurry to let the process work through


    A 4th occasional reason concerns issues between iTunes and Vista/Win 7


    The process you described, which is the same as the one posted earlier is a good workaround for anyone who does have problems, but it's not needed every time

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    I followed the instructions but still not able to succeed.


    I did download the iPad2_2_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw and tried to Restore using shift-->Restore and selecting the downloaded file. Following sequence take place:


    Extracting software

    Verifying iPad information

    Preparing iPad for restore

    Waiting for iPad

    Preparing iPad software for restore

    Restoring iPad software

    The iPad 'iPad' could not be restored. An unknown error occured(2).


    At the end, i'm still not able to Restore my iPad. Pls not that the "Update" option is always disabled and therefore i only get an option to Restore which is not working.


    FYI, i am using PC with WinXP Professional with SP3. iTunes latest version 10.


    Plzzzzz help.



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    Hey Guys,


    Finally i could get my iPad up and running. I connected my iPad to another PC and Restored the latest file.


    Many thxs to all of you.