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I am deploying multiple iPads to various sales people, and some of them cannot connect to the App Store in iTunes. We have a proprietary app that requires 4.2.X or later to work, so I need to be able to show them how to update their iOS without being connected to te internet. Is there a stand-alone IPSW install program, or shortcut switch that I can use to bypass iTunes checking  the store to download?

iPad, Windows XP Pro
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    They'll have to have an internet connection to download new iOS versions, but there is an option to download only, enabling them to install updates at a later time if there's no internet connection. Is that what you mean?

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    Not exactly. I am wanting to download 1 IPSW file to a shared network folder, and then point iTunes to said share on each salespersons individual laptop. They would connect through VPN to the shared folder and download it directly (the IPSW) to their iTunes and update.


    One of the reasons this would be helpful is that our proxy currently does not allow us to connect to iTunes store, and it probably won't as this iPad deployment is a pilot project.

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    If you download the updater (on any computer), you can then transfer that to the computer to which the iPad is synchronized. It can then be installed by Option-clicking the Update button (Shift-click in Windows) in iTunes and choosing the downloaded file. To the best of my knowledge no Internet connection is necessary in that scenario, though I haven't tried it. You'll need to do the download of the iOS updater on a computer that can connect to the iTunes Store, of course.