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When I bought my iPad 2 I got the Smart Cover, but now am not sure I like it all that much and am thinking about getting more of a folio to cover it.


I was looking at the FitFolio from Speck and the SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad 2.


The Canvas gets an A- rating from iLounge, but the FitFolio looks like it has cleaner lines on it - but it's not reviewed.  However on Amazon it has one glowing and one negative rating - where the negative one accuses it of breaking the glass...


I am not sure I believe that - but I thought I'd check to see what the community here thought - and if anyone has any experience with either folio.



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    It's hard for anyone to tell you what will work best for you.  It really depends on how you use your iPad, how rough you are etc.  For me, the Smart Cover was a good beginning.  In addition, I found a Targa padded mini case with a zipper and storage pocket that protects the unit when not in use and let's me keep cables, etc in a nice zippered compartment.  The little case cost less than $20 (at Best Buy).  At least for me, it's providing the protection I need. 

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess what I am asking is to the fit and quality of the cases as I am wanting a folio and both seem similar.



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    Look at some of the reviews on folio cases by a YouTube user 'metagamers' his reviews are spot on.  Whatever you do; dont buy the speck fitfolio; total waste of money.



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    I was also in the same shoes as you were when I got my iPad.


    But there is this great company from u.k. who make their cases by hand and very cheap. They have eBay account and their website is called proporta.com


    I looked at walmart and their folio cases like Tragus, and comparing it to proporta folio case, they have the same design but you can tell the difference even the smell. With Tragus, they have a plasticky smell that seems like it was burnt plastic. But proporta uses an authentic leather that is made from polyurethane, that looks/feels like leather but has the strength of polyurethane.


    Check their sit out, they offer a variety of designs and low prices.


    I bought mine for the price of the $49 smart cover, plus it's all protected not just the screen.


    Hope this helps

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    Plus, the Tragus don't offer that much protection inside when your inserting your iPad, so there is the tendency of it getting scratched. The proporta folio case that I got has this smooth surface that feels like fur, so it removed dust when you inserts it in. Just like the case that apple made for the first iPad

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    Thanks!  I'll take a look.

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    Just reading my older post, I meant synthetic leather (polyurethane), not authentic. Sorry. But overall it's the best cover, I have seen in eBay. Usually there are worthless, poorly made cover in eBay that looks great in the picture but not in real. The color may be off and the type of material is the worst.

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    Check out the Marware C.E.O. Hybrid case.  I bought one and love it!  It has a rigid, hard shell surrounded by a faux carbon fiber exterior and a what I think is a type of microfiber interior lining. The edge clips that hold the iPad in place are sturdy and strong, so it isn't going to fall out. It would probably require a massive jolt to shake the iPad loose of those grips. There are two notches inside the case for two landscape viewing angles; plus unclipping the bottom corner grips lets you fold the case down for a typing angle. There is also a wide elastic strap that you can slip your hand behind when viewing in portrait mode. The best features of this case are it's good looks, thin design, (this case will add relatively little bulk to the overall form factor), and the same feature as Apple's "Smart Cover" Yes, it will put to sleep and wake your iPad too. At $49.95 In my opinion it's one of the best cases out there.

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts.  I checked out the you tube reviews 'metagamers' noted above, and saw the reviews on all the products I was looking at...


    I ordered the SwitchEasy - which seemed to garner the most praise from the reviews, and iLounge.

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    Awesome, let us know how you like the case.  I've been eyeing the "Marware C.E.O. hybrid for iPad 2" for myself., but I am still a little undecided.

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    The case is awesome!  It fits like a glove an makes the iPad 2 seem much more professional, easier to hold.  It adds a little bulk, but I feel like it's more more protected than with the smart cover, additionally with the locking clasp it doesn't just turn on all the time.