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    Oh, and to add an extremely important piece of information, the problem with the ipad receiving the .dat attachment is the device with the same address as the original sender... so basically, someone sends an attachment to themselves using MS Outlook, and when it gets to their iPad, it shows up as a .dat file to himself, but anyone included on that same message does get the proper attachment, working properly.


    Furthermore, if that same email is forwarded from one of the devices that did receive the working version of the attachment back to the ipad with the non-working attachment, the forwarded email now has a working attachment.


    We're getting dropbox to circumvent this but thought I'd ask to see why this is happening.

  • Sandra MacPherson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had the winmail.dat issue start to occur quite recently. I'm using a macbook pro, with v10.6.8., mac mail 4.6. As of the last Apple update, everything an important client sent to me came over with a winmail.dat attachment. I do not have this problem with other clients. So it's very annoying. As a work around, I'm having them cc me on my gmail account which does not have the same problem.


    I really dislike asking clients to go into their Outlook mail and create setting specifically for me. I'm not a big fan of having to download TNEF.


    It may be that I have to upgrade to Lion, or something like that. Very annoying, especially during a very large project.

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    Upgrading to Lion will not correct what is in reality a MS issue.  Read:



    Some issues caused by servers may be by passed by web based email access, rather than an email client.  MS means for people to all be using Outlook, but I am not going there.



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    Sigh… I will just bite the bullet and download TNEF or Letter Opener, or something. Thanks for your reply.

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