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Pages Community,


I have read the threads and nothing seems to resolve my issue.


I would like to create a document that allows me to type text on one side (left for that matter), and add notes on the right hand side. So the right hand side is like a margin reserved for notes and comments.


I have tried some suggestions to similar issues, but not relate exactly to what I am trying to achieve.


The closest solutuion I have found is to use two colums and the adjsut the spacing and size of the two colums so that the left-hand column occupies for example 75% of the "typable area" and column 2 occupies the remaining 25%. The fundamental issue here is that, when I type for example 3 or for lines and want to add a reference note in the second column, I can not add text. Instead, only when the left hand column is full does the text start flowing over to the right hand-hand column.


This is not the dsired effect.


Can anybody please help me if this is at all posiible in pages


Thanks a lot